Johnny Rockets Houston Burger

Review of Johnny Rockets Houston Burger


What they say:

Our famous hamburgers are made with 100% fresh, never frozen, all-natural beef seasoned and made to order. Houston: Launch your taste buds with this spicy hamburger! Jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato & our spicy sauce.

Price: $5.99.

Calories: 880 kcal.

Johnny Rockets is an old-fashioned hamburger place. It’s very much like something straight from the 50s.

The decor, the layout and the finer touches like the little jukeboxes on the counter, the choice of font for all the lettering and the fact that you can sit at the counter and eat.

Johnny Rockets
Fantastic experience with retro styling…

Johnny Rockets however, is also another place where the menu on the website doesn’t match the menu in the branch. The former contains items which are clearly not available.

And sadly this included both my first choice, the Patty Melt, and my second choice, the Number 12. In this line of work, I usually have my burger chosen well in advance so this threw me. And I can’t pretend that I wasn’t extremely disappointed.

I had to choose something else so I settled on the spicy Houston, a cheeseburger with a spicy ranch sauce and jalapeños.

I asked about the patty melt and I was told some things were removed and “this is all we have”, she said, pointing at the menu. I’d figured that out for myself.

So, disheartened, I put my order in – the burger and bacon cheese fries.

My drink came first, followed by a plate of plain fries. I questioned that, she apologised, and promptly brought out the correct ones.

The fries were covered in thick yellow-orange melted cheese and small bits of hard crispy bacon. I was just about to tuck in when my burger arrived.

It was small, well-made and placed on a small plate with corporate wrap.

Johnny Rockets Houston Burger
A good eggy bun…

The bun was very eggy with a distinct yellow tinge to it. As well as the spicy ingredients, there was cheese, lettuce and tomato. Lots of each. The lettuce was a single large leaf and it was sticking out the sides.

The tomato was also a large round slice. The insides of the bun had been toasted.

Johnny Rockets Houston Burger
Johnny Rockets Houston Burger – not my first choice…

I picked it up to take a bite and it was very messy. That ranch sauce escaped out all over the place, giving me very messy hands.

The fries, covered in cheese, were of course also very messy and there was no cutlery offered.

Taste wise the burger had an obvious heat to it. Nothing disastrous, just a gentle kick to the tongue. Very pleasant.

And the beef was really very tasty. Seemed to be well seasoned and quite loosely ground.

Johnny Rockets Houston Burger
And not my second choice either…

All in all it was a good burger but the disappointment of the absent Patty Melt was what dominated my thoughts throughout.

The place is very nice. It’s great to sit and watch the burgers being made and feel like stepping back in time a bit. Well worth a visit.

Johnny Rockets Houston Burger
Inside the spicy Houston – tasty, messy ranch sauce…

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