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KFC I Love You Bacon Burger

KFC I Love You Bacon Burger

KFC I Love You Bacon Burger Review

I Love You Bacon Burger:

What they say:

It’s our most bacony burger ever, and we know you’re going to love it. Made with creamy Baconnaise, sticky Bacon Lovers’ Relish and two slices of smoked back bacon, not to mention an Original Recipe chicken fillet and two slices of melted cheese, all in a lightly toasted brioche bun.

Price: £5.39 for the burger only. £6.39 for a burger meal.

Calories: 725 kcal.

KFC UK have launched the new I Love You Bacon Burger which is available from Monday 6th May for six weeks only.

The timeline for the I Love You Bacon Burger as follows:

December 2016 – KFC Australia debuts the Bacon Lovers’ Burger for a limited time. This version does not include the relish.

October 2018 – KFC UK tests the Bacon Lovers’ Burger (we reported that here) in a small number of restaurants.

May 2019 – KFC UK launches the I Love You Bacon Burger as a six-week LTO. The build is identical to the tested burger.

It is a slightly bizarre name and I don’t know why there was a switch. Either way the ingredients list sounds impressive on paper.

We’ve seen burgers released at KFC Australia before which then find their way to these shores (see Zinger Stacker).

The UK launch of this also follows the pattern of testing first before releasing to the general public – this happened previously with the Dirty Louisiana and Southern Legends range.

Chizza imminent then after the testing of that?

Let’s talk bacon. The USP of this LTO is that it is the “most bacony burger ever” and I can confirm it is just that!

My I Love You Bacon Burger (or ILYBB) wasn’t the tidiest of builds.

I don’t ever expect to see a promotional picture standard but for the time of day and how quiet it was, I would anticipate a more precise execution.

The bun looks fantastic. Whether you are a fan of brioche or not, there is no denying that this was fresh and shiny and made an instant impact.

Your gaze is soon drawn to the bacon. You know… that bacony bacon.

This is my first time sampling the new and improved bacon at KFC and I’m pleased to report back that it is a great effort.

In fact, this is now (IMO) the best High Street fast food bacon, trouncing McDonald’s and Burger King’s efforts.

There is a slight bit of fat on both rashers but this is a really good quality back bacon – you get the smokiness throughout and I think this is a real positive for KFC. It has a firm, meaty texture too.

I don’t know if Halal stores will be running the ILYBB though?

The sauces are great – you’ve got a great contrast of the creamy, smoky Baconnaise (last seen on the Original Recipe Stacker) which is offset by a slightly fruity and sweet relish (named Bacon Lovers’ Relish as a nod to the original name).

Possibly one of the best tag-team combinations of sauces I’ve encountered on a fast food burger. I said possibly…

All throughout, the overarching taste is a smooth, smoky bacon hit. And this brings me back to the sauce and the distribution of it.

I can’t help but compare the ILYBB to the current McDonald’s chicken promo – the Alabama Chicken.

That burger was negatively impacted by the coverage of the sauce which resulted in a number of dry mouthfuls.

As you can see from the lifting the lid shot above, this is not the case on the ILYBB.

Due to the consistent spread across the crown bun, this made sure every bite didn’t suffer from dryness and kept the same uniform taste throughout.

Despite the arguably expensive price, (70p more than what I paid for the Alabama Chicken) if McDonald’s and KFC were side-by-side and you said to me “go and order one chicken promo only” I would go for the ILYBB every time.

However, this probably won’t attract the same criticism as the Alabama Chicken using two Chicken Selects.


I’d love to weigh the two Selects and compare them to the fillet and see which gives the customer the most chicken for their money.

The I Love You Bacon Burger is an interesting and different promotional item at KFC and I urge you to try it while you can.

It doesn’t hit the lofty heights of the Dirty Louisiana or even the Zinger Stacker but it probably comes in at a commendable third.

You’ve got a creamy, bacony bacon taste throughout from the Baconnaise and two slices of impressive smoked back bacon.

All this combines with the gold standard KFC chicken fillet, two slices of melted American cheese and premium brioche bun to deliver an enjoyable vegan-beating meaty masterpiece.

Now when is that Chizza coming…!?

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