House Bar and Restaurant The Challenge Burger

Review of House Bar and Restaurant, Worcester The Challenge Burger


What they say:

Focused on Home cooked food, with everything freshly prepared daily for you, HOUSE enables you to sit back, relax and enjoy food and drink in homely surroundings. The Challenger Burger – Three minced lean beef burgers, topped with chilli beef, Jalapeno’s, Bacon, Melted Cheese, Sour Cream, Guacamole and Crispy Onions.

Price: £12.00.

Calories: Unknown.

Burger Lad® was away for the weekend when this popped up in the inbox.

It was a welcome surprise from an old school friend and we are honoured to have him contribute to the website.

Ladies and Gentleman, Steven presents House Bar and Restaurant, The Challenge Burger

So a trip into Worcester with my wife and son, resulted in an impromptu lunch – walking through Crowngate and we were presented with the choice of a few eateries – Bill’s, Carluccio’s or House.

We opted for the later, as having a 2 year old in tow, usually means somewhere a bit more informal.

The menu seemed to consist of a Spanish / Mexican theme – usual things like Tapas or Burritos. One thing caught my eye – the mysterious named “The Challenge” – the most expensive thing on the menu (at £12).

House Bar and Restaurant The Challenge Burger
The Challenge @ House, Worcester…

Service was quite slow, although with a tired and grumpy kid, it seemed to take twice as long, but eventually the food arrived and I was presented with a monster of a burger.

The presentation was reasonably impressive – the towering burger (skewered together with help from a knife) was centre stage in a wooden tray, on a bed of fries and some salad.

The brioche bun looked fantastic and was very light to the touch, which is usually my gripe with popular chain pubs that sell burgers – the bun is usually too heavy and fills the stomach too fast.

The triple burgers looked amazing with a deeper red colour, thanks to the chilli that topped it, with bacon hanging out of the bun.

House Bar and Restaurant The Challenge Burger
The Challenge Burger in all its glory…

Opening the burger up reveals this chilli on top of the burgers, with the melted cheese also visible over the bacon and beef.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t see the advertised jalapeno’s, sour cream or guacamole, but assumed that these were under the burger… oh well, better make start on this bad-boy!

The patty tasted fantastic – very juicy with the beef shining through.

The taste of chilli was apparent, but there wasn’t any heat to it. The burgers fell apart pretty easily, but were perfectly cooked.

The bacon added a level of saltiness to proceedings, but complimented the chilli taste, along with the melted cheese.

House Bar and Restaurant The Challenge Burger
Lifting the lid…

With there being 3 burgers, this was indeed a challenge, but probably not worth of having the name – I knocked the burger back pretty quickly, as I couldn’t get enough of the taste.

When I was nearing the end of the burger, there was something definitely missing though – the jalapeno’s, sour cream and guacamole!

Considering these were 3 elements that were being advertised, plus three elements that most associate with Mexican food, it was a massive disappointment that these were missing.

Had I not had already paid for my food, plus had an overly tired son, I would have complained.

The lack of these elements didn’t take away from what was an amazing burger, but I’d imagine would have moved it to the next level.

I certainly want to go back to experience it again, even more so knowing that I didn’t have the full experience.

Massive thanks for checking out The Challenge Burger from House, Worcester. We hope to see more reviews in the future and to have everything as advertised!

Burger Lad®