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Review of Honest Burgers Tribute Burger

Website: http://www.honestburgers.co.uk/

What they say:

We set out to do one thing well, a simple burger menu inspired by great British produce, with our homemade rosemary chips. Beef, bacon, American cheese, burger sauce, French’s Mustard, pickles, onion and lettuce.

Price: £10.00.

Calories: Unknown.

I’m back at one of my favourites – Honest Burgers.

After the last review of the Quesadilla Special, I felt obliged to review something that you will actually be able to have.

Honest’s Tribute Burger is a bacon cheeseburger with pickles, relish and burger sauce. A tribute, I’m guessing, to early American burgers from the 50s and 60s.

The cheerful South African manager, Stuart, said it was great and I’m inclined to believe him. This chap knows what he is talking about.

As I waited, enjoying my Brooklyn lager, I know Burger Lad® and Miss Milkshake would love this place. Great burgers, great service, uncluttered decor and 80s electronica playing over the stereo.

Stuart came back to tell me that the Tribute burger is steamed with the top half of the bun, soaking the flavours of the cooking meat into the bread. Fantastic!

It arrived, looking amazing in the little shallow bowl, with the rosemary fries at the side. Again, the smell hit first. There’s definitely bacon in there.

Picking it up, I immediately felt the softness of the top bun, caused by the steaming.

Honest Burgers Tribute Burger
What you get for a tenner…

Honest burgers aren’t mammoth oversized affairs, they are just ideal.

The burger sauce in this one, so I’m told, is prepared with capers. Now, while I couldn’t get the taste of the capers specifically, the background on the palate is unusual in a very good way.

The straightforward cheese, the pickles and even the lettuce all play their part in this ensemble.

Overall, taste is guided by the burger sauce. That can sometimes be a good thing, and sometimes bad. I’m pleased to say here that it is a good thing. A very good thing. Honest have developed a really tasty burger sauce here.

This has bacon. Bacon makes everything better. The bacon here is cooked wonderfully and the juices come out into the beef and the bun.

Honest Burgers Tribute Burger
Honest Burgers Tribute…

And that brings me nicely to the beef. Honest cooks it medium. That’s the best way for beef. They’ll do it well done if you ask, but please don’t!

The way it comes is small-ish in diameter but quite a thickness. It’s soft and melty and beefy. Tastes amazing. The size means that it is not hard to finish. It’s not a ridiculous challenge, it is just a good honest burger.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this. It isn’t the best burger in the comprehensive and ever-expanding Burger Lad® archives, but it’s right up there among the medal winners.

Honest Burgers Tribute Burger
Bacon makes everything better…

However, I’m going to say that Honest Burgers is probably my favourite venue at the moment, certainly in London (please, please for goodness sake start expanding outside the capital). I love the mix of modern and traditional.

As well as that, I must add that Honest Burgers’ fries are the best in the business. Cooking with rosemary may sound simple, but it is so SO effective.

Honest Burgers Tribute Burger
Best fries in the business…!?

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  • 30/12/2020 at 10:18 pm

    To be honest, I couldn’t agree more with this post.

    I came to Honest Burgers, by London Bridge, with a pal some months back (pre-covid), and this was by far the best burger I’ve ever tasted. It is quite literally bursting with flavours. The rosemary-salted chips to go with it, are also pretty damn good!

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