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Honest Burgers Quesadilla Special

Honest Burger Quesadilla Special

Review of Honest Burgers Quesadilla Special


What they say:

We set out to do one thing well, a simple burger menu inspired by great British produce, with our homemade rosemary chips. Beef, adobo and monterey jack quesadilla, tomato and lime salsa, sour cream and jalapeños.

Price: £11.00 with chips.

Calories: Unknown.

Honest Burgers has a short menu of great burgers, and a rotating special. At the time of writing, it is due to finish soon, to be replaced by the Christmas special. So this one is just for me – I have been keen on it for ages.

So I will keep it quite general and brief.

I’ve been to Honest Burgers before – the original tiny joint in Soho. I like the Honest Burger very much (that was pre-BL®) and the special is the part of the menu that refreshes.

The Christmas one is apparently much the same as last year, which was hugely popular.

This time I was their Liverpool Street place, newly opened and much bigger. More locations are planned (all in London, sadly) so we can only hope the leap over the M25 is made at some point.

Outside Honest’s newest branch…

A lot of the “cool” London burger places are so self-aware that it almost seems that politeness and courtesy play second fiddle. Not so at Honest – it is both modern and old fashioned at the same time – like sitting on a Chesterfield with an iPad.

Clean lines, white and green decor, plain floors. Clear and simple. And friendly, courteous staff. The South African manager, Stuart, spent a bit of time chatting as I made my order and helped me select my drink.

The burger itself – well, you have probably seen pictures floating around the internet. Adobo (no, not the pdf programme), Monterey Jack cheese, tomato and lime salsa, sour cream and jalapeños. I am beginning to put jalapeños up there with cheese and bacon as top burger toppings.

The Quesadilla Special. Impressive…

When it arrived, first impression was the smell of Honest’s rosemary fries, which are a class leader. Smell, taste, just absolutely perfect. I think that, in terms of fries, Honest is unbeatable in any part of the market.

The burger, a neat small shiny bun. All the ingredients on display, well-presented.

Looks absolutely perfect…

Biting in, wow! Just Wow! I got the heat from the peppers, countered by the cool sour cream, and the tomato salsa doing what big slices of tomato just cannot do – taste good.

The meat here, cooked medium, is a winner – we’ll cover that in a little more detail when I review Honest’s Tribute burger next time.

Hot and cool toppings…

So, the Quesadilla Special from Honest Burgers. I feel it is very representative of the company as a whole – tasty, fresh, innovative, classic. Pretty damn perfect, actually.

Good honest meat + toppings = harmony…

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