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Honest Burgers The Guac Burger

Honest Burgers Guac Burger

Review of Honest Burgers The Guac Burger

What they say:

This burger marries the smoky and Tunisian flavors of our Harrissa mayonnaise with a sharp and rich homemade Guacamole. Add in a customary Ginger Pig beef patty and smoked bacon with some Monterey Jack cheese and its complete.

Price: £12.50 including a portion of rosemary salted chips.

Calories: Unknown.

We were in London to attend the official launch of the Angriest Whopper but had to come to Honest Burgers to try their new Guac Burger special.

Today we visited the Soho branch of Honest Burgers located on Meard Street.

We’re not going to talk about Honest as a brand or their history, as Admiral Burgerbar has done a sterling job of covering that in his past Honest reviews, including the extensive coverage of the Rib Man Special.

Personally for me, this is my first visit to an Honest and I really liked it inside the compact restaurant which has space for just over 30-ish covers. For a Monday, close to 3pm it is incredibly busy! A testament to the popularity of the ever-growing burger chain.

The concept here is to keep it simple. Choose chicken, beef or veggie with a limited number of options. There’s no gimmick, no over the top creations, just a good solid menu…

A burger with guacamole on would never be my first option but I was certainly up for giving it a go. And… after a decent waiting time we were presented with the Guac Burger and rosemary salted chips.

Honest Guac Burger & Rosemary Chips…

Visually it is very impressive and not too far from the promotional pictures I’ve seen. It’s a compact, precision build with a beautifully shiny and airy brioche bun.

Taking my first bite of my first ever Honest burger I suddenly realised what all the fuss is about.

That Ginger Pig beef patty is incredibly stunning, both in terms of flavour and texture.

I’m really glad we got the cross-section shot today so you can see – it’s bang-on medium with an exquisite pink interior proudly showing off the top quality beef which has been cooked to perfection.

And this is cooked medium. Like proper medium. Not “all our burgers are cooked to medium. If you want it well done then please ask” only for your burger to arrive well done anyway!

If you want a medium cooked burger then this will certainly both satisfy and pleasure at the same time. They do also ask you if you are OK cooking to this level, so if you are squeamish about a bit of pink you have the option of well done too.

Guac Burger…

It’s not a massive burger. It’s compact and just right. Here at Honest the name of the game is quality over quantity. Besides, you can always double up for an additional £4.00 if you require more beef.

In terms of flavour, the patty itself is seasoned just enough to really bring out the richness of the beef they use.

The Guac Burger also features smoked bacon and it is really very smokey and slightly crispy. The texture of this offsets brilliantly against the softness of the patty. Very good.

You get a slight heat from the Harissa mayo which could quite possibly be the best mayo-based sauce I have encountered on my burger travels. It’s really interesting and I have to say is one of the defining features of the Guac Burger.

Good, quality beef…

To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to the guacamole element for my first foray into Honest territory, as I’m not a massive fan (I don’t particularly dislike it either). Saying that though, this guac definitely changed my opinion of the ingredient and there was just the right amount on-board.

It worked really well with the bacon and as a complete package, with the beautiful mayo and perfectly melted Monterey Jack cheese, this is a clever and enjoyable Middle Eastern fusion of flavours.

The best of perfect pink…

The bun was great. Light, fresh and airy – the only downside being that it just appeared to be ever so slightly over-toasted, but this had zero impact on the enjoyment levels when sampling the delicious Guac Burger.

Going back to that patty though. It’s an incredible quality patty. If you take away all the other components of the burger, place it on the middle of a plate with a knife and fork and serve it like that, it is up there as one of the best. No arguments.

Somebody should certainly show this to Roly Poly as THIS is a brioche bun and THIS patty is more like the texture of a filet steak compared to their cash & carry patties.

At £12.50, it’s not the cheapest burger if looking across the whole of the UK.

But with the premium ingredients used and as Admiral Burgerbar would say, the best fries in the business (those rosemary salted chips MUST be tried if you haven’t had them) it’s pretty reasonable. And you get what you pay for generally…

Honest Burgers don’t need a wide range of burgers on their menu with endless pages of combinations and unnecessary gimmicks.

They aim to produce good quality, carefully considered and executed burger toppings to complement their delicious Ginger Pig beef patties. And on this showing they’re certainly doing this well.

If like me, you’ve not been to an Honest Burgers yet, do the right thing and check them out as soon as you can. You will not be disappointed.

The menu at Honest Burgers…

The Guac Burger is available in all Honest Burgers until 11th April 2016.

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