Gourmet Burger Kitchen The Blitzen

Review of Gourmet Burger Kitchen Christmas Burger The Blitzen

Website: http://www.gbk.co.uk/

What they say:

The Blitzen, our joyful Christmas burger; 6oz juicy beef, crispy bacon, deep fried camembert, Mrs Claus burger sauce, baby spinach & cranberry ketchup. So Santa, put your feet up. As usual, we’ve got this.

Price: £9.95.

Calories: Unknown.

GBK’s festive offering this year is The Blitzen burger (y’know Donner and Blitzen, two of the reindeer).

The defining features are deep fried Camembert, Mrs Claus burger sauce and spiced cranberry ketchup, the latter of which presumably gives it a christmassy flavour.

When ordering, I was asked how I wanted it cooked. Medium please. Is there another answer?

GBK is the oldest of what I’d term the premium high street category, having been around 13 years in the UK.

If you look up their very first branch in Clapham on Google Street View, you’ll see a Byron right across the road. That surely cannot be coincidence.

I also learned something I didn’t know before, that it is owned by the same company that owns Nando’s.

Anyway, before long, it arrived, the waiter enthusiastically telling me it is one of his own favourites, and that the sauce includes jalapeños and pickle.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen The Blitzen
GBK The Blitzen…

Lifting the lid, I found a decent looking patty that didn’t strike me as being cooked medium, some pieces of lettuce and two chunks of deep fried cheese that somehow just didn’t capture my interest.

Biting in, I discovered the meat did have some pink toward the centre, and was pretty good.

The cranberry ketchup on the top had a lovely sweetness to it, when I ate it on its own, but somehow got a bit lost when biting a cross-section.

As I tucked in, I found myself not enjoying it as much as I thought I would, so I set about trying to work out why.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen The Blitzen
Mrs. Claus sauce…

I do like camembert. But its deep-fried coating looked a bit insipid and uninspiring and somehow this translated to the taste.

The main issue, I think, was the sauce. Sure it had a faraway hint of heat, which I liked, courtesy of the jalapeños probably, but I also found it sour and must say I didn’t like it.

More heat, more of the cranberry stuff and not so sour, and this could’ve been a great burger.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen The Blitzen
Lifting the lid…

GBK’s patties are good and their menu is really interesting. I just didn’t enjoy this particular burger and wish I’d picked something else. There’s certainly plenty choice at GBK!

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