Frankie and Benny’s BBQ Double Cheese

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Review of Frankie & Benny’s 12oz Double Stack BBQ Double Cheese


What they say:

Two 6oz grilled beef burgers each topped with cheese, served with gem lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickle, mayo, spicy onion rings and a pot of BBQ sauce for you to pour!

Price: £14.75.

Calories: Unknown.

Massive apologies to Andrew for the delay in publishing this review!

We said in our Grid Iron Bronx Burger review that “we’ll have plenty of reviews coming in 2014 so don’t blink or you might miss it.”

Well… we were celebrating 100,000 page views for May so much at BLHQ that we really did “miss” this one. Or perhaps we read it then “forgot”…

Anyway, I hand you over now to Andrew for his insights on the Frankie & Benny’s 12oz Double Stack BBQ Cheese

Frankie & Benny’s again. This time it’s the extended family – children and grandchildren as well, not everyone is having burgers of course.

I’ve said before that F&B is great for young kids. There’s a fairly decent children’s menu, and balloons to play with, crayons, drawing kits and so on. And right behind us was a party of about 24 7 or 8 year olds.

Of most interest to me this time was the fact, for once, I was not doing the driving, so beer and burger was definitely the order of the day.

But which burger? I’ve had the Black Pepper Mayo Burger and reviewed that already.

The six-ish cans of Kronenbourg and the Polish spirits of some sort I had at lunchtime would put one of the double stacks (2 x 6oz) out of the question (or so I thought).

As it happened, the oldest member of the family ordered the Manhattan Double Stack, so, especially feeling disappointed that they had run out of Peroni, I felt compelled to order a double stack too.

The BBQ Double Cheese

When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was the fact the onion rings were separate to the burger. They also weren’t particularly spicy to my taste.

Frankie and Benny’s BBQ Double Cheese
The Double Stack Attack…

A bite of the chunky stack told me right away what dominated my opinion throughout. Heavy on the beef, light on the toppings.

A double stack is a lot of beef, no doubt, but the toppings didn’t seem to manage to keep up. I found the quantity of red onion pretty conservative, sadly. It might have been fine for a single burger, but not for this.

There was a decent amount of cheese, fair enough, and I removed the tomato, but I felt this could have been more generous with the toppings. I barely noticed the lettuce.

Frankie and Benny’s BBQ Double Cheese
Fresh tomato on the BBQ Double Cheese… yes please!?

In fact, it felt a bit like beef in bread. Quantity-wise very generous, and both the beef and the bun were good.

Halfway through, and I pause for a moment. Firstly I need to take my half-eaten shot, and secondly I realise I’ve had no time for any musings on life (for which I apologise). It’s too difficult to think of much when there are half a dozen people yapping in my ear.

At any rate, I added some hot sauce and it did perk the burger up a bit, but sadly I kept coming back to the balance of beef vs. toppings and, by this point, the dryness of the whole thing. The overall amount of sauce wasn’t enough either.

Frankie and Benny’s BBQ Double Cheese
Plenty of beef…

Experience-wise, F&B is still right up there.

Everyone enjoyed their meals – nobody else was reviewing of course (Burger Lad® comment: why the hell not!?). But there was the usual cheerful Roll Over Beethoven/Johnny B Goode type soundtrack.

The fries were as usual, decent. I do prefer the little cubed herby potato things F&B do but the fries are perfectly OK.

I can’t honestly say I’d be rushing to have a F&B Double Stack again. It’s a bit too big for me anyway, but it’d need more attention to toppings to bring me round. With this sheer amount of beef, and the toppings issue, I’d probably rather have a steak.

At any rate, according to our friendly waiter, F&B are about to change their menu on 10th June. Small updates are always made of course, but this is apparently the biggest change in their history, so we will see which burgers survive the cut, and what new delights appear.

Andrew, we can’t thank you enough for another cracking guest review. And as I write this I can’t help but think of the next review you sent me which will be available very, very soon!

Double Stack… sounds like an old nickname we had for one of the office girls…

Burger Lad®