Filthy Cow The Italian

Review of Filthy Cow Manchester The Italian


What they say:

We change our specials on monthly basis. Pop in and check the specials board for a proper filthy treat! Mozzerella, Pepperoni & Napoli Sauce.

Price: £8.50.

Calories: Unknown.

Filthy Cow, Manchester’s cheeky burger joint, has recently launched its latest special, and it’s a good one!

It didn’t escape my notice that it was launched on the very same day as McDonald’s Italian Classic, a coincidence I’m assured. Italy, it would seem, is the flavour of the month.

And with all the greats on there, like mozzarella, pepperoni and a Napoli sauce, how could I miss this.

Filthy Cow The Italian
Filthy Cow’s The Italian…

The green of the Italian flag is provided courtesy of spinach as opposed to the more regular rocket that they’ve used on other specials.

At Filthy Cow, development seems to take a few cues from the likes of Apple in that the substance or taste is considered along with the aesthetics and the overall experience.

The latest special here is built around Filthy Cow’s excellent beef patty which is prepared medium, although of course you can have it differently if you prefer.

It isn’t fast food – it’s a short wait for everything to be freshly prepared, during which I was able to enjoy an excellent beer and a chat with the effervescent owner, Jordan.

When my burger arrived, in the heavily-branded wrap, it was the smell that hit me first even before I’d opened it. The smell definitely said PIZZA while my eyes said BURGER.

That was a very inviting smell, created first and foremost by the pepperoni, with undertones of the specially-developed sauce.

Opening up the wrap here, you know you’re going to see a perfectly built burger, and this was no exception. The aesthetics are important, everything is placed carefully and built up to be as pleasing on the eye as it is on other senses.

Filthy Cow The Italian
A new special – smells fantastic…

You don’t need me to tell you that the pepperoni ruled the show from start to finish- it had been applied liberally and very neatly on top, juxtaposing the healthy spinach poking out in equal measures under the patty.

This is a dirty burger though, in the sense that it made a total mess of my fingers, my hands, my tray and the bottom bun. The sauce was equally as messy as it was tasty and it was a lot of fun- a bit different from the rest of the menu at FC. Although I must say it did go some considerable way to devastating the bottom bun after only a couple of bites.

That was easily remedied by turning it upside down, letting the super shiny top bun take the strain, while I got on with the business of eating.

Filthy Cow The Italian
Pepperoni is the dominant flavour…

I got into the heart of the patty where I confirmed it was indeed medium and perfectly tasty. I’ve said before in other FC reviews that they’ve got a really good blend of cuts in the patty and the taste stays with you.

At least on the other burgers, it does. On this one the savoury strength of the pepperoni runs through the meal and that’s what stays past the finish line.

Mozzarella isn’t a strong cheese but applied generously as it is here and melts carefully over the top of the beef, it’s a lovely soft, almost spongy comforting sensation.

Plus, going back to aesthetics, the reddish hues of the pepperoni and sauce, green of the spinach and white (ish) of the geese definitely give you more than just a hint that you’re looking at an Italian flag.

Filthy Cow The Italian
Bottom bun not strong enough today…

It’s tremendous stuff. Being blunt, you’re not going to be disappointed at Filthy Cow. Occasionally the special might not be something you like, and that’s personal taste, but you’ll never be disappointed.

These specials keep a relatively short menu interesting while allowing the chefs to develop their creativity and we can only look forward to more new delights in future.

But don’t look forward just yet. Get in and enjoy the Italian!

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