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Dogs n Dough Triple Threat Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

Dogs n Dough Manchester

Review of Dogs ‘n’ Dough Manchester Triple Threat Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza


What they say:

Bringing Manchester gourmet hot dogs and pizzas with a side of craft beers, cocktails and crisp music in an underground setting.

Price: £11.00.

Calories: Ample (burger, pizza, fries, cheese).

I’m having a pizza.

But don’t you work for Burger Lad®?


So what’s the deal with the pizza?

Well it is a cheeseburger with fries.

But you said it’s a pizza. I’m confused.

Doorway to doughy delights…

Let’s straighten out the confusion at the outset. It’s the bacon cheeseburger and fries pizza! Does life get any more wonderful?

Dogs n Dough is slap in the middle of Britain’s second city, down some stairs and in a basement. But unlike some basement places, they know how to switch the lights on.

Green booths and tiles, simple tables and a loud-ish but not overwhelmingly-so sound system playing a sort of rocky soundtrack, the place is effortlessly cool.

The menu is hot dogs and pizza, hence the name, with some fantastic twists on each. Besides the cheeseburger pizza, there’s also a Mac n Cheese option.

At we are the most comprehensive of reviewers and that includes the wacky fringes of the burger world. That includes this.

I sat down, got a pineapple soda and put my order in. The place wasn’t full but it was bustly and staff very friendly. Customers were mostly in their twenties and yes, a couple of beards (sigh).

Waiting time was reasonable and there was a faint smell of comfort food in the air.

When it arrived on my table I knew instantly there was no chance in hell of me finishing it. But I was going to enjoy finding out.

Triple Threat – Cheeseburger Pizza…

Looking at it, it’s very much how you might imagine a cheeseburger and fries pizza would be. Flat and round, with small beef patties placed on alternate slices, some fries scattered on top and then covered with liberal quantities of cheese.

The crust of the pizzas was nice. Crispy, but not burnt, and strong enough to take the considerable load asked of it.

The patties were underwhelming. They did have some classic burger taste but somehow lacking in seasoning. I don’t know how important that is, considering the format, but fortunately they weren’t the only meat on here.

Up close with the cheesy goodness…

I was extremely pleased to discover considerable amounts of bacon scattered around on top as well, and that most certainly did have taste.

The cheese, did I mention there was a lot of it? It wasn’t particularly strong, but it was fine.

Inside a Triple Threat patty…

The verdict then – I wouldn’t have it again. It was a huge amount of fun, but I like the place and a lot of other things on the menu look great too. I’ll come back and have a “proper” pizza next time.

If you’re ever in the mood for something other than a burger (how dare you!) give Dogs n Dough a visit. It’s fun, friendly and well-priced.

Not a trick on your eyes, fries on a pizza…

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