Cow Boys Burgers Dirty Cow

Review of Cow Boys Burgers Manchester Dirty Cow

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What they say:

Putting Cows between buns since 2012 Good meat and great buns.

Price: £8.00.

Calories: Unknown.

A bacon double cheese from a relatively new outfit, Cow Boys, again at Manchester’s Food Fight. So as before, flash photos again, I’m afraid.

Two patties cooked with pink middles, large amounts of cheese, bacon, lettuce, onions and what they call cow sauce. I’m beginning to feel a bit like Desperate Dan.

It looked great as I carried it back to my seat, and it smelled even better.

The bun was golden and squashy – well chosen, and the combination of the melted cheese and sauce were heading up the top-notch aesthetics.

Cow Boys Burgers Dirty Cow
A shot in the dark…

So how did it taste? Well, in my first few bites I’m afraid what I got more than anything was salty. Don’t know if it was the bacon, or the seasoning on the beef, or more likely both, but unfortunately it was erring towards overpowering.

A few more bites in and while it didn’t become less salty, I did become more accustomed to it, and was able to appreciate the combination of ingredients more.

Seasoning aside, the beef here was pretty good. No idea what the mix of cuts was, but it had a good flavour, and there were two of them! I’d also watched it being made and assembled, which is one of the benefits of “street food”.

Cow Boys Burgers Dirty Cow
Dirty Cow…

The proprietary cow sauce and pickles here were the stand-out combo. Together they sat above the meaty onslaught and the oodles of gooey cheese to create a lasting and very enjoyable taste.

The beef itself had plenty of pink, as promised, and went down well. The bacon, I almost felt was a little unnecessary and its absence might have, in this case, actually helped the great sauce work even better (yes, I just said that). As it was, it was very well done and decidedly crispy.

Cow Boys Burgers Dirty Cow
Great sauce and gooey cheese…

The other ingredients were visible, just, in the darkness, but not terribly apparent to the taste. That’s nearly always the case with lettuce though.

Overall, it was a pretty good burger, well made, with good thought to the combination of elements, and an excellent sauce. If the salt could just be toned down a bit, this would be pretty unforgettable.

Cow Boys Burgers Dirty Cow
Generous toppings…

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