Cleaver Restaurants Cheeseburger

Review of Cleaver Restaurants Cheeseburger


What they say:

We are the place for Chicken, Burgers and Ribs. Now with more burgers, a brand new grill section & veggie options. Handmade with prime british beef, cooked medium, served in a glazed brioche bun. Mature cheddar, shredded iceberg, tomato, red onion, burger sauce.

Price: £7.95 for the burger only.

Calories: Unknown.

Burger Lad® presents another guest review… making his debut on our hallowed pages is Scott with his write-up of the Cheeseburger from Cleaver.

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I recently travelled to a little place just out of Oxford, and decided I would have a walk to the train station (all 3 miles of it) and get a train to Oxford to see what it had to offer.

Walking down the street I could smell that familiar smell of a top quality burger being char-grilled and followed my nose.

It was then that I stumbled across this nice looking place called Cleaver. I browsed the menu on the outside, but was in need of half a pint of ale at this point to quench my thirst after the long walk.

Cleaver Restaurants Cheeseburger
Inside Cleaver…

Sitting in the oldest inn in Oxford I was constantly thinking of the aroma of that burger so I downed my drink and had a walk back.

On entering the building and taking a look around at the decor, rustic but also quite modern arty at the same time, I thought I’m going to be in for quite a treat here.

I was then quickly greeted by a well-dressed waiter and handed the menus, even though I knew I was going for something simple, like a cheese burger.

It was described as a handmade burger, cooked medium, as it said all burgers was served with onion, lettuce, tomato and burger sauce on a brioche bun.

He came to take my order and I said I would just like the burger for £7.95. He then informed me that with the dinner special menu you get a free side, so I opted for the skin on fries.

15 minutes later my burger was placed in front of me and very well presented. I was especially impressed with the mini, almost frying pan type, bowl the chips came in.

Cleaver Restaurants Cheeseburger
Cleaver branded condiments…

First thing I looked for were the condiments and was pleased to see they had hot sauce, and also a smoked tomato ketchup, very nicely branded in their own bottles.

I started with the fries, and ate near all of them first as I wanted to save the best till last (that burger). I took my first bite and I wasn’t disappointed!!

The meat was pure tasting, just with a little seasoning, nothing else other than the nice char-grilled undertone flavour.

Cleaver Restaurants Cheeseburger
Impressive presentation…

I glanced over to the open kitchen to see the flame grill on full power cooking the other lucky customers their burgers. I opted not to have the burger sauce on my burger as I wanted to taste the purity of that meat.

After the taste of the fresh meat came the slightly strong cheese, which was then cut right through with the sharpness of the onion.

It was then time to go through the whole thing again, in the same order, with the flavours coming one after the other, and not over complicating things in your mouth all at once.

Cleaver Restaurants Cheeseburger
Cleaver Cheeseburger…

After finishing up and paying for my meal, at £7.95, I walked out kinda thinking that I had robbed them at that price for the quality and the service they gave (so yes I did leave a tip).


Cleaver Restaurants Cheeseburger
Here’s a tip – get to Cleaver…