Chiquito Bandito Burrito Burger

Review of Chiquito Bandito Burrito Burger


What they say:

The classic with a Chiquito twist! A juicy beef burger wrapped in a flour tortilla with chipotle mayo, cheese and jalapeño peppers.

Price: £7.55.

Calories: Unknown.

This is lunchtime, and this burger is on the lunch menu, which means it’s reduced from the full price on the main menu.

That’s a great start. This is described as a classic with a Chiquito twist. A beef patty in a tortilla with chipotle mayo, cheese and jalapeños.

It all sounds pretty good on the face of it, and it’s interesting in that it isn’t in a bun as normal burgers are, but in a soft tortilla. I was rather looking forward to it and at this point was pretty damn hungry.

Chiquito Bandito Burrito Burger
Enticing presentation…

I put my order in, noting the promise that lunch menu items are supposed to be served within 15 minutes.

It arrived in less than that and looked very interesting indeed.

A tortilla, cut in half and presented with the two halves askew, on a plate with chips and slaw.

Chiquito Bandito Burrito Burger
Inside the Burrito Burger…

I got stuck in quite eagerly and immediately realised I liked this very much.

The texture of the tortilla gave a very satisfying feeling – not quite a crunch but close – before breaking through to the beef and other contents.

It was a real pleasure, a genuinely interesting departure from the usual bread roll.

The slaw was really good too. Not awfully generous, but good. The chips too. Well seasoned with a crispier coating than I remember from a previous visit for the Mexican Fajita Burger.

Chiquito Bandito Burrito Burger
The best of both worlds…

But the burrito burger was the star of this show.

The beef wasn’t perfect, perhaps cooked a little too long, but that didn’t really detract too much. It wasn’t quite as juicy as it could have been, but it was certainly tasty enough.

Chiquito Bandito Burrito Burger
Tasty toppings…

The cheese and sauce and other ingredients inside worked well to keep things moist, tasty and interesting, but it was the jalapeños that were a bloody sensation.

They did not lurk in the background. They gave a real heat to this burger and that combined with my hunger, saw me devour this in record time.

Chiquito Bandito Burrito Burger
Decent beef…

If you are on this hunt for something out of the ordinary, with a bit of heat, this is the one to go for, and with the lunchtime reduction, it’s hard to find any reason not to give this one a whirl.

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