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Review of Burger Shop Bournemouth Lethal Swizzle Burger

Website: http://www.burgershop.co.uk/

What they say:

Step into a Burger lover’s haven at Burger Shop, serving up passionately prepared, homemade Burgers, for eat in or take away. Using locally sourced and best of British produce, we pride ourselves on making a selection of fresh Beef patties with deep fillings and mouth-watering sauces for all tastes. Beef Patty, smoked Bacon, sautéed Mushrooms, swizz Cheese, Lettuce, Gherkin, Tomato, Burger Shop sauce. Brioche.

Price: £7.50.

Calories: Unknown.

Welcome to part three of our Bournemouth Burger Blowout and up next is the little gem known as Burger Shop – a five minute walk from the centre of town on Old Christchurch Road.

We discovered this proper burger place at the 11th hour before our trip and having sampled the Lethal Swizzle today I am really glad we found it.

Burger Shop Lethal Swizzle
Inside Burger Shop, Bournemouth…

Having recently celebrated its first birthday and opening a second location in Ashley Cross, Poole, Burger Shop prides itself on burgers, beats and booze – three of my favourite things really… what could go wrong!? Absolutely nothing…

We arrived just after midday on Sunday and it was quiet inside but once again like many places we visit, by the time we had eaten and were set to leave it was buzzing with eager diners.

Inside, Burger Shop has a “shack-style” feel to it as the walls are covered in corrugated iron and pictures of reggae legends adjourn those walls.

Now forgive me as I am not a massive reggae or Bob Marley fan so there will be no such puns within this review but to Burger Shop’s credit I have found myself singing Buffalo Soldier pretty much all afternoon and evening since leaving (and it didn’t even play when we were there!).

Burger Shop Lethal Swizzle
The latest menu @ Burger Shop…

Like 7Bone before it, any place that has rolls of kitchen towel on the table is going to be good.

We managed to grab a window seat on their funky, thick wood furniture and I counted about 30 to 40 covers inside this relatively small eatery.

It also seemed to be popular for takeaway orders as while we were sat inside there were quite a few telephone orders placed and people coming in to take food away to savour elsewhere.

Burger Shop takes laid back to a new level with the Marley inspired artwork and tunes blasting out the speakers. In fact, at one point I thought it was a bit too loud and glanced up, someone must have been watching as I am adamant the volume was turned down… but just ever so slightly! Thanks guys!

I went with the ‘Lethal Swizzle’ which is Burger Shop’s take on a Mushroom Swiss and Miss Milkshake ordered the ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ – a beef patty topped with Chilli Cheese, Jalapenos and Spicy Tomato Relish. I’ll comment on that one later on…

After a relative short wait, a Cub Scout style metal plate was placed in front of me and was followed by an intriguing looking bundle covered in burger style wrapping paper. The plate was actually more like a dish and I would soon realise why, things were going to get messy.

Burger Shop Lethal Swizzle
It’s about to get messy…

Carefully opening this like it was Christmas Day already, my eyes could not believe just how awesome the presentation was of the Lethal Swizzle.

Some serious care had been made when constructing this and I eagerly took an array of shots which came out just perfect sat in the natural lighting of the window seat.

I find I am increasingly looking at the lighting when eating burgers out now… possibly a cause for concern. What was presented in-front of me was nothing short of breath-taking…

Burger Shop Lethal Swizzle
Burger Shop Lethal Swizzle…

I took my first bite almost not wanting to disturb this amazing build.

The Lethal Swizzle hits you with a strong rush of beef which is seasoned nicely and the bacon is crispy and smoky.

The burger literally drips with flavoursome fat which is not a criticism in the slightest. Just keep it away from your clothes as it is really, really juicy and I can now see why the dishes and kitchen towel are required.

Inside the patty there’s a slight splash of pink to the meat and the outer has got a chargrilled sear to it.

Burger Shop Lethal Swizzle
Bacon, Mushrooms, Swizz…

I loved the Lethal Swizzle as I am a massive fan of mushrooms on burgers and with a generous array of them on here they delivered their signature flavour but also retain shape and texture.

I loved the pickles they use at Burger Shop, slightly sweet and worked brilliantly with their House sauce. I suspected the sauce’s base ingredients were mustard and mayo which one of the staff confirmed but that was all I was going to discover on this occasion as it is a closely guarded secret.

But it was good, very good and brought everything together very nicely indeed.

Having already had a hotel breakfast and an awesome milkshake from Shakeaway we passed on sides today and a struggling Miss Milkshake® offered me some of her burger.

Having had a bite or two I was seriously impressed with this one. It was hot, but I like a bit of spice and the mix of the cheese, jalapenos and relish really confirmed that perhaps I should have gone with this option instead.

Burger Shop Lethal Swizzle
Awesome build, super tasting…

Back to the Lethal Swizzle – the brioche just coped with the juices flowing from the beef which was lovingly topped with perfectly melted Swizz Cheese. This had just a slight smoky and nutty flavour to it and really made this a winning version of the Mushroom Swiss.

Burger Shop is serving up some serious eats accompanied by Reggae beats and is a very commendable establishment on the Bournemouth burger scene.

Messy, juicy and a lot of fun with good tasting food and carefully thought out combinations means this gets the Burger Lad® seal of approval.

Pop in to a completely informal and chilled out environment, you won’t be disappointed with Burger Shop.

With that let us take one last look at the incredibly tempting looking and beautifully presented Lethal Swizzle – a Mushroom Swizz doing the bizz.

Burger Shop Lethal Swizzle
Proper Burgers…

Burger Lad®

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  • 21/12/2014 at 6:32 pm

    Great review! We visited the Ashley Cross Burger Shop today and I had the Lethal Swizzle, very nice!! The sweet potato fries were the best bit of the meal though, absolutely amazing!

  • 21/12/2014 at 6:32 pm

    Great review! We visited the Ashley Cross Burger Shop today and I had the Lethal Swizzle, very nice!! The sweet potato fries were the best bit of the meal though, absolutely amazing!

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