Burger King Summer Barbecue 2016

Burger King Summer Barbecue 2016 menu line-up

Summer Barbecue returns to Burger King for the third consecutive year. With two new burgers and a returning favourite it sounds like a pretty decent promotion.

Burger King Summer Barbecue 2016
Summer Barbecue 2016…

Up first is the Crunchy BBQ Whopper – with a crunchy potato rosti and BBQ sauce.

This burger is not a new build from BK but just a slight name change from the previously reviewed Texas Crunchy Whopper.

In what we believe is a first for Burger King in the UK next is a brioche bun offering from the King and Co.

The Gold Angus Supreme features an extra thick patty and smokey bacon on a brioche bun. This also has mayo, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Review HERE.

We’ve seen “Gold” branded burgers in the past from BK in European countries such as Germany, Austria and Hungary so we’ll be looking forward to sampling this new patty.

Burger King Summer Barbecue 2016
BK Gold Angus Supreme…

In the standard BK format there is a chicken option running alongside the two beef burgers and for Summer Barbecue 2016 this is the Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp.

We really like the sound of this promotional item as it has the brioche bun with nachos and jalapeños.

As above, this burger also includes mayo, cheese, lettuce and tomato. As a big fan of the Tendercrisp this one certainly sounds the business! Review HERE.

Burger King Summer Barbecue 2016
BK Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp…

Running alongside the promotional burgers are the returning Nacho Cheese Bites.

What do you think of the Summer Barbecue 2016 menu from Burger King? Which one of the burgers sounds most appealing to you? Are BK a bit late offering brioche buns to the UK?

Let us know your thoughts and comments via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

We’ll have reviews of the Gold Angus Supreme and Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp for you soon.

More information is available on the Burger King website.

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