Burger King Route 66 2015

Burger King Route 66 – 2015


Last year we broke the exclusive news of Tastes of Route 66 coming to BK in January 2014 and we’ve done it again in 2015.

BK announced on their Facebook page that their new range would start from Thursday 8th January but my “sauce” gave conflicting information saying it would be Wednesday 14th January.

Considering the 8th was on the official BK Facebook account I’m leaning towards it being that and it is the corresponding Thursday with last year’s release date (09/01/14).

Minutes after our exclusive tweet this was changed to the 7th!

This has now been edited again to say the 14th which is what we heard originally. This is almost as farcical as when they uploaded the incorrect image advertising the Winter Whopperland promotion.

Either way we are the first in the world yet again to reveal the names of the burgers but we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the actual descriptions and photos.

Up first is the Texas Crunchy Whopper which I’m going to guess is similar to the Nacho Whopper that was released in Singapore a few years ago.

So my prediction is a Whopper Patty, Nachos, Fresh Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Mayo & BBQ Sauce. I’d also throw bacon in the mix as well but possibly not BBQ sauce because of the next item.

Then we have the Chicago Steakhouse and your predictions for this are as good as mine.

It’s a massive long shot but I’d love it if it was like the A.1.Steakhouse XT they had in the States a while back.

For anyone that doesn’t know, A.1. is a Steak Sauce in the US and can sometimes be found here in the UK.

Bacon, Cheese and Crispy Onions are a good shout but something will have to be on this burger to make it different to the regular Steakhouse.

There is always a chicken option and Burger King Route 66 for January 2015 is the California Chicken Tendercrisp.

The California Whopper had guacamole and honey cayenne sauce so it’s a safe bet the new Tendercrisp will have those on again.

Alongside the three promotional burgers are Mozzarella Sticks and interestingly Chicken Wings – possibly a first for the UK but these are quite common across the globe. Will be cool to see what dipping sauces accompany them.

So there you have it. Exclusive reveal of the next Burger King promotional burgers coming to the UK in 2015.

Update: Wednesday 14th January:

So how close were we?

Well firstly we got the date and names of the burgers correct and it looks like the California Chicken Tendercrisp prediction was spot on.

This is taken from Facebook and the main website has not been updated so there are no descriptions.

The Texas Crunchy Whopper looks to have a potato Rösti-style component alongside bacon and a BBQ sauce.

I like the look of the Chicago Steakhouse as this has a different style cheese, bacon and a black pepper-type mayo.

So we were pretty close with our predictions, but like I said we knew the date and the names of the new Route 66 Roadtrip burgers at BK in January 2015.

Burger King Route 66 2015
First look at new promotion…

Further update: Wednesday 14th January:

BK look to be on the ball with this latest promotion as their website has now been updated and the burgers added to their menu section.

So the Texas Crunchy Whopper is confirmed as having the potato rösti, bacon and BBQ sauce and the Chicago Steakhouse has creamy black pepper sauce, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and crispy onions (see we were close!).

Finally the California Chicken Tendercrisp has white cheddar and chipotle ranch sauce so we were slightly off with that one but it still sounds rather promising.

We’ll have reviews for you soon!

Burger King Route 66
The line-up we reported 9 days before release…

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  • 26/02/2015 at 3:20 pm

    Burger King Welcomed 2015 very interestingly. Thanks for further details….

  • 26/02/2015 at 3:20 pm

    Burger King Welcomed 2015 very interestingly. Thanks for further details….

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