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Burger King Italian Chicken Royale

Burger King Italian Chicken Royale

Review of Burger King Euro Trip Italian Chicken Royale


What they say:

Why go to Europe when we can bring Europe to you?

Introducing the Italian Chicken Royale. Tasty chicken wrapped in a special crispy coating, with mozzarella cheese, lettuce and Sicilian tomato sauce. Magnifico.

Price: £6.49 for the meal (subject to variation).

Calories: 550 kcal for the burger only.

Chicken is the in-thing at the moment, thanks to KFC’s pretty cool new range.

In addition, Burger King has released a new trio of burgers, two of which Burger Lad® reviewed on day one.

So, today to complete the triangle or whatever, I’m here to try BK’s Italian Chicken Royale.

Will it match up to the Pulled Chicken Ultimate Burger or will it fall more within Burger Lad’s view of the Spanish and Amsterdam beef offerings?

Burger King Promotional Picture…

Well, to make it Italian, this version of the Royale seems to include what appears to me from the promo pictures, a rather intimidating amount of Italian-style ragu sauce. As well as cheese, lettuce and of course the Royale chicken.

The cheese is mozzarella, which adds another Italian element.

As I wait, I’m told the carbonated drinks machine isn’t working.

As the chap explained to me they are waiting for an engineer to put in a new one, he said that Burger King UK was in talks with Coca Cola to install Freestyle machines in their restaurants.

If that is true, it would be absolutely tremendous and it might even tempt Burger Lad® back to BK after the Amsterdam Steakhouse.

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Anyway, I unpack my Royale and have a good nosey. It looks well made, the aforementioned sauce on top and underneath the chicken, and two pieces of tomato.

I’ll leave these on. Burger Lad® left them on for the Spanish and the Amsterdam so we’ll see how it goes.

Presentation-wise OK. The Royale sub-style roll, two decent pieces of cheese and big chunks of lettuce.

A tidy looking Italian…

A lot of these promotional items throw around geographical titles rather liberally and often it is difficult to see the connection between the food and the name.

Not with this. The sauce ensures this tastes Italian. The first bite went well.

The second one…. Well almost…. I discovered a hair on the cheese.

No way could I continue eating it after that, so I took it back and the same friendly guy apologised profusely, gave my money back, and set about replacing my meal.

Can’t really argue with that. Ultimately it cost me nothing.

As I waited for round two, I reflected on that first bite. It was definitely the sauce that came through most. I don’t think I even really tasted the chicken, even though I definitely got a fair bit.

The real BK Italian Chicken Royale…

As with the two beef offerings, the tomato slices were inoffensive.

Perhaps in the face of such stiff competition from the sauce, they shrink into the background. It’s not because I’m getting accustomed to/starting to like fresh tomato.

However, the KFC voucher was starting to burn a hole in my pocket.

Second attempt arrived and, after very close inspection for weapons of mass destruction, I tucked in eagerly. I was very hungry by this point.

This time round, the cheese was more melty and I did get the chicken taste. Do we find things more readily when we look for them properly?

But the sauce was still at the front, and in was starting to feel concern for the brand new white shirt I had on. It was messy. One slice of tomato slid out completely and I didn’t throw it a life-vest. It didn’t end there.

The chicken was very OK, but the sauce killed off any crispness it might have had on its coating.

Lifting the lid…

This was an OK burger. The sauce overpowered a bit too much in my view.

Yes it did add an Italian element but its sweet stickiness, not to mention volume, not only supplied the rebels with arms but overtly invaded the entire burger.

Plus, it was extremely messy. Don’t wear white unless it is a smock.

Finally, as Burger Lad® noted, the music was rather loud. But in this case it was Bon Jovi, and Bon Jovi makes everything better.

So the third and final one of BK’s current lineup scores highly in the match-the-name-to-the-burger game, but suffers a bit of mediocrity elsewhere.

And it’s messy.


Admiral Burgerbar

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