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Burger King Euro Trip 2014

Burger King Euro Trip 2014

Burger King Euro Trip 2014


Burger Lad® does it again with this WORLDWIDE exclusive!

We are back with more promotional news and this time it is Burger King.

We’ve not reviewed any of the “Summer BBQ” range but you can bet a pretty Euro on us being back in our local BK to check these interesting sounding promotional items.

As ever, we respect our “sauce” for this information and will not be publishing the photo we have received of the next THREE items coming from the King and Co.

Have it your way… Be your way – we’ll be there, whatever you say!

OK… the promotion hits the High Street on Tuesday 2nd September and runs until Monday 3rd November and is called “Euro Trip”.

There are three burgers in the line-up and I can see come calorie information but will wait for the official release before including these in our reviews. And I can only make out the meal kcal not the individual sandwich rating.

Up first is the centre stage SPANISH WHOPPER which comes with “Crispy onions & Brava sauce.”

Left of this on the podium is the ITALIAN CHICKEN ROYALE that has “Mozzarella cheese & Sicilian tomato sauce.”

And although the picture I have is slightly cropped (and looking at the bun) I assume the one to the right is the AMSTERDAM STEAKHOUSE ANGUS. This is described as having “Crispy onions, Edam cheese & BBQ sauce.”

So there you have the next Burger King promotional items coming to the UK in 2014!! Just remember which website brought you this exclusive information first!

A massive thank you to the person that revealed this to us, out of respect for this valued BL® contributor we will not be publishing the picture we received today. Great job as ever!

BK updated their website early Tuesday morning with the new promotional items:

Euro Trip promotional burgers now at BK…

Burger Lad®

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