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Burger King Delivery UK

Burger King Delivery UK – BK trials delivery service in 2015


Burger King UK have a new website up and running called Burger King Delivers and have started a food delivery trial in the UK.

The website enables users to create an account and then if within one of the test areas get food delivered.

There are delivery deals such as Combo 1 priced at £15.00 which is a Whopper, Chicken Royale, 2 portions of Fries, what looks like Nuggets and 2 soft drinks. Combo 2 is priced at £17.00 with Combo 3 at £20.00.

You can also order from the regular menu so everything is split into Combo Meals, Kids Menu, Flame-Grilled Burgers, Crispy & Tender Chicken, Veggie and Fish, Sides, Sauces, Desserts and Drinks.

Importantly this is also the first time either McDonald’s or Burger King have featured official prices on their websites.

The delivery trial is being tested in the following locations:

Truro, Hornchurch, Skegness, Hull, Northampton, Hayes, Romford and Gants Hill.

We tried the postcode here at BLHQ but unfortunately we do not fall within a delivery area…

Could this be a bit of a game changer for High Street burgers in the UK?

We’ve had reports of BKs closing down but also others getting new Coca Cola Freestyle machines.

Are BK looking at down scaling their operations slightly and focusing their attention on the delivery market instead?

Interesting times ahead especially when you consider McDonald’s statement on why they do not offer a delivery service.

And what does this mean for the growing number of “delivery services”, generally unauthorised, that offer Burger King & other fast food chain delivery?

We’ll have more on this Burger King UK Delivery trial called Burger King Delivers when we get it.

In the meantime, if you live in any of the areas above and want to test it for your favourite burger review website please get in touch via the usual channels.

*** UPDATE 1st MARCH 2015 ***

We’ve managed to get one of our readers to road-test the 3 month BK Delivery trial and here is their mini account and photos of the experience. Thank you!

I ordered at 12:30 so it was probably one of their peak times, I tried to order a lot of different things but they kept on telling me they didn’t have what I asked for (chicken wings, mozzarella sticks etc.)

I think they were mainly pushing the family meals and the specific things on the leaflet because they did mention the minimum order was £14.

I ended up with a bacon double cheeseburger meal, a King fish meal (minus the chips which they forgot) along with a portion of onion rings and a portion of chilli cheese bites.

They told me delivery would be 45-60 minutes which is pretty ridiculous for fast food, but it came in just over 30 minutes.

The chips and sides came in weird little boxes that I’ve never seen before, and the drinks came in bottles instead of cups that you would usually get in a Burger King restaurant.

As far as the quality of the food you can see in the pictures it looks like a pretty average Burger King meal apart from the portion of chips looked minuscule IMO, but that’s probably my fault hoping for Five Guys portions haha.

Surprisingly the burgers were a lot better tasting than any I have had from a Burger King, it tasted fresher and the bacon wasn’t horrible and fatty like it usually is.

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