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Burger King Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries

BK Loaded Fries

Burger King Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries

Burger King Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries Review

What they say:

A large portion of fries drenched in cheese sauce and bacon pieces.

Price: £4.19 Cheesy Bacon/ £3.69 Cheesy (Uber prices).

Burger King have launched both the Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries and the Cheesy Loaded Fries here in the UK, both exclusive to Uber Eats and this is why your very own Captain QP will be bringing you this review.

At the time of writing this review, the Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries appeared to be the most popular and I will explain why.

I’ve had many rants about Burger King and having avoided my local for around 12 months but I thought this item cannot pass by without a place in the BURGER LAD history book.

Feeling optimistic I decided to grab a BK for delivery for my lunch at home, unaware it was going to turn into a catalogue of disaster.

My order was placed at 13:10 and after an hour wait my driver had been standing still on the map allegedly on his way to collect my order.

What has happened I thought, has he been taken ill, arrested, my mind was wandering.

After an hour I was allocated a second driver and they were down at my local McDonald’s for over 20 minutes not moving, I was then allocated a further two drivers with the estimated delivery being two hours after the order was placed only for it to be cancelled.

On the plus side Uber gave me a £5 credit and refunded me the cost of the order, for me today to have another try, well luckily all went well and here they are.

On sitting down the first thing I thought is why does this box have holes in, what are they trying to do save on packaging. On opening up I was pleasantly surprised.

I certainly wasn’t short changed on the bacon and there was a good amount of cheese sauce and overall a reasonable portion.

On diving in, I could first taste that smoky bacon flavour and the creamy cheese sauce wasn’t at all overpowering but helped glue it all together.

I could quickly see why these were more popular than the standard Cheesy Loaded Fries and it was definitely the flavour the bacon bought to the table.

I had a few fries with just the cheese on where the bacon had fell off and it was significantly lacking in flavour but still nice. I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Burger King’s fries and in many ways prefer them to their main rivals, KFC and McDonald’s.

Needless to say, these went down very well and I would definitely have them again, I enjoyed them so much I had some standard fries with my order and used them to mop up any remaining bacon and cheese as I didn’t want it to end.

At £4.19 I did think they were pretty expensive, when you think a regular fries is around £2.99 but I guess you are paying for bacon as a premium.

I recommend everyone trying these if you can and personally would like to see them as a permanent menu item.

I would give these an 8/10 mainly as the flavour was much better than I anticipated and after seeing these on various menus around the world, it’s good the UK have now got them.

We will be discussing the Burger King Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries and the latest McDonald’s promotional items in the next episode of our “Award Winning BURGER LAD Podcast”.

It will be interesting to see if McDonald’s ever bring their Loaded Fries to the UK now…

Captain QP


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