Burger King Cheddar Whopper

Review of Burger King Cheddar Whopper & Cheddar Collection

What they say:

The tempting sandwich is a delicious combination of a Whopper patty, a four cheese patty which includes cheddar, tomato and lettuce topped off with a dollop of cheddar cheese sauce and sandwiched between a tasty cheddar-infused bun.

Price: £4.49 or £6.99 as part of a meal.

Calories: TBC.

Today we travelled down to London to get an exclusive preview of the new Cheddar Collection promotion at Burger King – the main event of this latest LTO is the Cheddar Whopper.

Burger King Cheddar Whopper
An orange bun…!

Firstly, let’s talk buns. Guess what…? Burger King has released another burger with a coloured bun – this time it’s an orange Cheddar-infused bun!

Prior to arriving, I was contemplating (on the correct train this time!) what might be in-store for us at the exclusive preview tasting event being held at the BK on Gloucester Road, one day before the promo gets a full UK-wide release.

I was anticipating Winter Whopperland – a recurring BK mainstay for the last three years now, so maybe a bleached-white (not with Domestos) snowball-type bun?

Well instead we’ve got an orange bun and like with the Halloween and Angriest Whopper it looks pretty impressive, especially when taking a cross-section shot or after a few bites.

Burger King Cheddar Whopper
Burger King Cheddar Whopper…

Taste-wise this is extremely cheesy as expected! More cheesy than some of our very earliest pun-laden reviews!

The cheesiness primarily comes from the four cheese patty – a new and improved recipe from BK (my words not theirs) which consists of (mainly) Cheddar joined by Emmental, Edam and Mozzarella.

It gives you a pleasant cheesy blend which I preferred to their previous cheese patties seen on say the Crunchy Cheese Whopper. I found those too sickly before but the new one finds itself with an added depth from the Cheddar.

It’s pretty good and lovers of BK and especially cheese are in for a treat over the festive period. I just wonder if it’s a missed opportunity not to have really cheesed this up and had some sort of Cheetos-dusted patty similar to the Cheetos Chicken Fries seen in the U.S. – or even have them in the line-up too? Are Cheetos popular in the UK? What about Wotsits?

Burger King Cheddar Whopper
Improved four cheese patty…

In fact, according to BK “guests have been asking for stronger cheese flavours in their burger builds and Burger King has listened and delivered.” Possibly as a result of the Chicken Fries hype seen on social media…

Now there is no connection with the festive period and the Cheddar Collection. I suggested the tenuous link to a festive cheeseboard but one of our amazing hosts just shrugged her shoulders and laughed – she knows what I am like…

Burger King Cheddar Whopper
Lifting the lid…

Anyway, back to the Cheddar Whopper. If that isn’t enough cheese for you, you’ve got a dollop of cheddar cheese sauce which again wouldn’t be my first choice, but it is pretty good. A much more enjoyable experience than the Quattro Cheese Whopper which I found to be way too sickly for me.

You might think this is a cheese overload but it isn’t and you soon find yourself tasting the familiarity of the signature flame-grilled Whopper patty and it’s certainly welcome.

The build is finished with a creamy mayo, lettuce and tomato which offers your palate some freshness and a bit of textural crispiness.

Personally, I would drop the tomato (although cheese and tomato is an age-old classic combo) and go with pickles and/or onions to really punch through that creamy cheese-fest and offer a further dimension. Maybe next time…

Burger King Cheddar Whopper
Vibrant orange…

Overall, the Cheddar Whopper wouldn’t be my first choice if I was looking at the menu board at BK but I enjoyed it and it is bound to be popular.

That new and improved four cheese patty packs cheesy goodness into its crispy, fried exterior and along with the flagship Whopper patty, provides a solid promo burger from BK.

The bun has a very feint hint of cheese from it, but you’d have to have a super-palate to pick it out amongst the creamy goings-on housed within.

And… it’s only when you get “inside” and see the vibrant orange running through the bread that it really impresses aesthetically.

Now joining the Cheddar Whopper in the Cheddar Collection is the Cheddar Tendercrisp. And guess what…? It’s identical to the beef version except a switch of buns to a corn dusted bun and the Tendercrisp patty instead of the Whopper.

There’s not much to say really that hasn’t been covered above, apart from the respectable quality (for a High Street Fast Food chain) of the chicken.

Super creamy, super cheesy and if the Whopper version doesn’t float your boat then the Cheddar Tendercrisp is a viable option and is unlikely to disappoint. I personally preferred the Cheddar Whopper… and it’s a shame the chicken one misses out on getting that orange bun!

Mixed amongst this I had the opportunity to sample the Nacho Cheddar Bites – cause I’ve not had enough cheese already! Priced at £1.99 for 4 and £2.89 for 6, these are a decent side for the Cheddar Collection promotion.

Burger King Cheddar Whopper
Nacho Cheese Bites…

I liked them… although I missed the jalapeño flecks we just had in the McDonald’s counterpart. But I would say these are more accurately described as “bites” as opposed to “wedges”. I believe the McD’s ones are more competitively priced however…

Last but not least we have the Smokey BBQ Angus – this is very, very similar to other limited time offers we’ve encountered in the past such as the Texas BBQ Angus, the Gold Angus Supreme and the XT Steakhouse.

“Please, please let there be no more cheese…”

After all the richness of the previous two burgers (I only had half of each by the way!) and bites, I was pleased… actually relieved to see a familiar face! – a good ol’ slice of processed American Cheese.

The Angus patty is very thick! Definitely thicker than I remembered it to be… and it appears to be too big in circumference for the corn dusted bun.

Again, you’ve got the creaminess from the mayo and the standard issue lettuce and tomatoes. And again, I would swap those two components out and trade them for something “punchy” like onions and pickles. After all… you can have it your way…!

You get a slight tang and sweetness from the BBQ sauce which always pairs nicely with the crispy onions.

It’s not the most adventurous burger from Burger King but a solid alternative and nice contrast to the previous cheesiness from the (now) CHEESE OVERLOAD.

The Cheddar Collection, including the Cheddar Whopper is available at participating restaurants from Wednesday 16th November. As ever, despite being invited down to attend and not paying for any food today this has no impact on our impartial analysis.

Anyone for cheese…? Yes please…!

Burger Lad®

Website: http://www.burgerking.co.uk/

Cheddar Whopper









  • Orange bun!
  • Improved cheese patty


  • Mayo
  • Tomatoes

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  • 20/12/2016 at 3:36 pm

    Do you know when this promotion stops?

  • 21/12/2016 at 11:41 am

    Thanks for the write up. I am eating the Cheddar hopper now and for me it’s a decent stab at something a bit different, and a nice winner 🙂

  • 20/01/2017 at 1:33 am

    have to be honest didn’t know that this burger was meant to be bright orange when i ordered it, Looked like it had gone bad, had to google “why is my burger orange?”. Glad to read that it is just a gimmick. The burger itself tastes OK , but why add that stupid color as it makes it look repulsive.??

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