Burger King BLT BBQ King Chicken

Review of Burger King BLT BBQ King Chicken

What they say:


Price: £1.29.

Calories: Unknown.

Alright hands up if you knew of the BK BLT BBQ King Chicken – if you do have your hands up we should speak. Why? Because unless you have seen the TV advert or walked past a Burger King you would probably not know of this burgers availability.

Burger King BLT BBQ King Chicken
Promo image…

I saw it on television about one week ago and this was the first opportunity I had to frequent a Burger King restaurant. The one in question, a relatively new location as part of a mini food court in the Wulfrun Centre in Wolverhampton and I must say it was spotless.

I knew there was a BK in town as we were going to review The Burger Priest. And with a handful of change in my pocket I couldn’t resist trying out BK’s budget chicken burger.

At first, I’d considered it to be a counter to the current McDonald’s Chicken BBQ Smokehouse but after sampling it I’d definitely say it’s more of a competitor to the BBQ Chicken BLC.

Burger King BLT BBQ King Chicken
BLT BBQ King Chicken…

Priced at £1.29 this is a fairly respectable build for a budget burger and like its long name implies, features BBQ sauce, bacon, lettuce and tomato on top of a chicken patty. This is not a Chicken Royale standard patty though!

It is very basic and lives up to the age old saying – “you get what you pay for”. I wasn’t overly impressed with the standard of the chicken and felt it pales in comparison to the one used on the McD’s saver menu. Something about the texture of both the coating and chicken was off and there was only a faint chicken taste.

Burger King BLT BBQ King Chicken
Lifting the lid…

The lettuce was remarkably fresh and was very commendable and despite the obvious appearance of fresh tomato I ate the whole burger with it on. Still not a fan of this ingredient though…

There is a decent amount of bacon (for the price) and BBQ sauce. Similar to the BBQ Chicken BLC, I felt this was lacking in flavour and almost like a watered down version of the regular BBQ sauce available from Burger King.

I wouldn’t say I am being harsh in my critique of the BLT BBQ King Chicken. It’s a budget burger priced at £1.29 with a patty I wouldn’t rush out to buy again.

Some people might enjoy the BLT BBQ King Chicken, others won’t and others won’t even know of its existence until now. Do what I would do if visiting BK and pay more for a Chicken Royale or a promotional chicken burger such as the current Summer Barbecue Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp.

Burger King BLT BBQ King Chicken
£1.29 budget BK burger…

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BLT BBQ King Chicken









  • Budget burger
  • Fresh lettuce
  • Bacon


  • Chicken patty
  • Weak sauce

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  • 01/08/2016 at 1:27 am

    I work for burger king and I noticed that you were served the BBq blt with a value saver chicken patty where as the restaurant is work in it is the core chicken patty which is very tasty indeed and we’ll worth £1.29.

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