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Burger King Big King XL

Burger King Big King XL

Review of Burger King Big King XL

Big King XL

What they say:

Because you can always ask for more, we think it will leave you satisfied. Giving the size XXL hamburger …. Imagine 2 grilled burgers with triple cheese on them, sliced ​​onions, lettuce, pickles and BIG King® sauce.

Price: £5.49 for the burger only.

Calories: 1,010 kcal.

I’ve always liked the Big King from BK.

If you’ve never tried it, it is basically their version of McDonald’s flagship Big Mac.

A special type sauce which although good, is inferior to the Big Mac sauce and is accompanied by lettuce, fresh onion and pickles.

Most of the time it also has the Big Mac’s trademark middle “club layer” bun, although there have been occasions when it is has been absent.

I received a tip-off that Burger King had added the Big King XL to its menu – basically a bigger version of the Big King using the beef patties found on the Bacon Double XL.

The restaurant I visited didn’t have it on the menu boards (it is on their website) but when I showed the staff my phone they knew what to do.

Ring it through the cash register as the aforementioned Bacon Double XL and inform the kitchen to dress it as a Big King. No problem there.

Next to the regular Big King this does look like a much bigger burger! IMO the regular one visually looks better.

Straight away I noticed the lack of the middle layer bun.

I thought it was a mistake but checking the website again it is shown as not having it – probably a good thing as it could be too “bready”.

In my mind it makes sense for this to be added to the menu – all the ingredients are there in the kitchen already and it appeals to those looking for a super sized version of the Big King.

The taste is pretty enjoyable.

You’ve got that trademark BK flame-grilled beef which is offset by the creamy mixture of the sauce and cheese with a slight crispness from the lettuce and sharp tang of the fresh onion.

The onions are definitely stronger on this build compared to its McD’s counterpart. I’ve always found I prefer BK pickles too.

For a High Street burger it nearly ticks all the boxes for flavour and texture although it is pushing toward the higher end of the pricing index.

And that brings me onto the price and what you get for your money.

Yes the Big King XL is BIG and you can’t help but wonder if McDonald’s will ever bring the Grand Big Mac to the UK.

But for £1.99 for a Big King and £5.49 for the XL version it’s a bit of a no brainer to just get two £1.99 Big Kings and still have £1.51 in your pocket after.

You still get exactly the same combo of flavours and arguably more meat for your buck.

That said, I’m glad to have sampled the Big King XL and see it next to the regular Big King.

It’s definitely one of my favourite BK flavour combinations but at £1.99 I’ll be sticking to the standard Big King in future.

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