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Burger King Angry Angus Burger

Burger King Angry Angus

Review of Burger King Angry Angus Burger


What they say:

Forget counting to ten. Getting angry is great. We’ve taken three of our classic burgers, and riled them up with Pepper Jack cheese, hot Jalapeños and angry onion strips. Ohh… dangerous.

Price: £7.39 with Satisfries (price subject to variation).

Calories: 628 kcal.

Hot off the heels of our secret menu Jack Burger from T.G.I. Friday’s is another cracking guest review from Andrew.

His last submission gave us an inside look at Haché Burgers in Shoreditch and now he returns with a taste test of the Burger King Angry Angus.

Burger King UK recently updated their website style and functionality to match all other BK websites around the globe.

Previously, it was a bit hit and miss if promotional items were added but it seems this has now been rectified.

Amusingly they must have done a copy and paste of the HTML code as the description was all in German but this has since been fixed by the King and Co.

Burger Lad® reviewed the Angry Whopper when it was previously available in the UK so we were all looking forward to getting another opinion on the Angry Range and a glimpse at those “healthy” Satisfries.

It’s also good to note I’m not the only one in the world that removes the fresh tomato! With that I pass you over to Andrew…

So, Burger King has brought back the popular Angry Range again and it’s a welcome return.

Having noticed my local BK has just benefitted from a decent refurbishment as well, I felt it was time to go and eat an old friend.

The Angry Angus (didn’t he sing a song for Kylie and Jason’s wedding years ago?).

Anyway, Angry essentially means spicier than normal, and this is achieved by adding jalapeños, Angry sauce and onion strips. I also opted for BK’s new “Satisfries”, making a bill of £7.39, not the cheapest thing on the menu.

I sat down and carried out my two fast food rituals. Tip the fries into the empty half of the burger carton (don’t know why I do that, just always have), and get rid of the tomato.

Well, in this case there were two tomatoes and feeling the intense pressure to do an authentic review for Burger Lad®, I left one in.

Fries first, and I was initially disappointed. Don’t really know what I was expecting, but they were quite thick. There’s some technical information about how they retain less fat when cooking. I’ll come back to the fries later.

Stop! Burger Time!

Burger King Angry Angus and Satisfries…

First bite and, despite the generous pile of toppings, it was actually the beef that came through strongest.

Not a bad thing, then the softness of the bun. It’s not really my favourite, but it’s quite distinct and unobtrusive. Plus in this case, it was a good size and kept everything in well.

I definitely noticed the jalapeños, but thought the whole thing was more “slightly miffed” than outright Angry, but jalapeños have this great lingering characteristic, and the burger became increasingly displeased as the eating went along.

It could probably be described as verging on Angry at the end, but might have been livid, if not for the cooling sensation of the mayo.

As I realised I needed to get the trademark Burger Lad® half-eaten shot before the whole burger was gone, I had some more fries and found myself enjoying them more.

They had grown on me. The serving was a fine size and the texture was nice and crispy on the outside.

Inside the Angry Angus…

Inside the burger, the crispy onion strips were adding a nice crunch. I took one out to try by itself and it was nice and oniony. On top of it all was some good fresh lettuce.

I was pleased with my meal. The Angry range seems to appear now and again and it’s a good thing.

Personally, I’d add a dash of Tabasco, or some Birdseye chillies, but that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and jalapeños do the job, perhaps more accessibly.

I’m quite sure I’ll be back before the promo ends. I’d quite like to try the Angry Royale.

Back to Burger Lad®…

Thanks again to Andrew for supplying us with this look at the BK Angry Angus – he even thought of something I’d considered in the past with the play on Angry Anderson. Love it!

Burger Lad®

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