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Review of Burger King Amsterdam Steakhouse

Website: http://burgerking.co.uk/menu/amsterdam-steakhouse

What they say:

The Netherlands’ newest export is the Amsterdam Steakhouse. With 100% flame-grilled beef, Edam cheese, bacon, barbecue sauce and crispy onions. Who needs flowers?

Price: £4.69 for the burger only (subject to variation).

Calories: 570 kcal for the burger only.

Up next in our Toxic Triangle of 48 hours’ worth of greed is the Burger King Euro Trip Amsterdam Steakhouse.

After the KFC Pulled Chicken Ultimate Burger and the Spanish Whopper I am now like King-Size Homer and will follow this simple instruction… to continue this review please mash the keypad with your palm now.

As you already know we were the first to tell you about the new range of BK promotional items and up next on our Euro Trip we get to sample the delights of Amsterdam.

Burger King Amsterdam Steakhouse
BK Promotional Picture…

We mentioned in the Spanish Whopper review that BK closes off upstairs to paying customers.

It became apparent why when we got a window seat to find a shed load of dead flies on the windowsill, basking in the early evening sun… urgh…

Anyway let’s get this Euro Trip wrapped up (or unwrapped) and take a closer look at the Amsterdam Steakhouse.

Burger King Amsterdam Steakhouse
First look at the Amsterdam Steakhouse…

Now in my younger days I used to frequent Amsterdam quite a bit and yes there was always a load of Argentinian Steakhouses in abundance so I can see the semi-connection. This burger had been made up OK but it looked a million miles from the promotional pictures.

We filmed part 2 of BLTV which you can see below and got amongst this.

Well it was dry. Very dry!

I likened the Angus patty to a cross between dry wood and cardboard, hence why it was slathered in mayo.

The fresh tomatoes sat proudly on top of the other ingredients but this was merely to mask the small amount of bacon and crispy onions.

Burger King Amsterdam Steakhouse
The real BK Amsterdam Steakhouse…

Now I wouldn’t call these crispy onions as they were nothing like the sort you get on the standard steakhouse.

In fact, these were quite good. Fried/glazed with a sweet and bordering on faintly burnt taste.

There was bacon on this but nowhere near as much as expected but again far more than the non-existent amount on the Spanish Whopper.

Burger King Amsterdam Steakhouse
Lifting the lid…

Now did I read that correct? Barbecue sauce!?

I could have sworn on this build they had used Steakhouse sauce which is one of my all-time BK favourites.

Maybe I was wrong?

The significant flavour going on here was a creaminess which was from the faint Edam cheese (a nice change from the standard American type) and that mayo.

Oh the mayo… so much, so domineering. I used to fear you, now I just pity you and the components you overbear.

Poor (but stunning) Miss Milkshake, who was privy to this latest 21st Century burger adventure turned her nose up at the thought of the mayo… so it was up to yours truly to fly solo for this one.

Disappointing is all I can really say about the Amsterdam Steakhouse.

Burger King Amsterdam Steakhouse
Inside the Amsterdam Steakhouse…

It’s a real shame to have paid £4.69 for this burger knowing that only five minutes’ walk and for £1.26 more you could be tucking into the awesome-ness of the Real Burger 6oz Mexican Deluxe Steak Burger. We’ll know next time…

At the My Burger Finals I told the McDonald’s MD I didn’t see BK as much of a threat anymore and if they keep churning out sub-standard stuff like this I can see my prediction being 100% accurate.

This makes me sad as I used to love Burger King but in future I’ll only be returning for promotional reviews. Oh alright maybe their new £3.79 Big King meal deal isn’t all that bad…

Unfortunately, this burger was seedier than the dark alleys of the Red Light District. Shame!

With that let’s take one last look at the Amsterdam Steakhouse from Burger King. I’m off for a very long detox…

Burger King Amsterdam Steakhouse
Creamy… and disappointing…

Burger Lad®

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  • 17/10/2014 at 4:10 pm

    You've just saved me some money, really wanted to try this, won't even bother now

  • 17/10/2014 at 4:10 pm

    You've just saved me some money, really wanted to try this, won't even bother now

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