Burger King 20/20 Garden Grill

Burger King UK unveils new 20/20 Garden Grill Restaurant Design

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Burger King has recently unveiled a brand new restaurant design in the UK. And if this reads like a BK PR communication its because it is…

This new design is called 20/20 Garden Grill and brings together the great tasting BURGER KING® flame-grilling tradition with an outdoor BBQ atmosphere.

Burger King 20/20 Garden Grill
BK 20/20 Garden Grill…!?

20/20 Garden Grill has been developed in-line with BURGER KING’s® design principles and showcases an authentic, warm and bold aesthetic.

The BURGER KING® brand is celebrated through a distinctive wall collage reflecting the brand’s heritage, with all natural copper, brick, reclaimed wood and bamboo; it brings a hand-made feeling to the restaurant.

The new design also incorporates a red brick heritage wall, with historic BURGER KING® brand photos highlighting the nostalgia of the early days of the BURGER KING® brand.

A variety of comfortable seating options for guests including booths, community tables and banquet style dining makes the environment more inviting, warm and comfortable.

Incorporating natural materials with a bright colour palette, the new interior décor creates a rustic and inviting ambiance highlighted by complementary lighting. Hand-carved, natural wood pieces showcase craftsmanship and bring alive the authenticity of the BURGER KING® ‘Be Your Way’ spirit.

20/20 Garden Grill restaurants have an open truss ceiling with a natural wood trellis and accent soffits, giving the restaurants an outdoor look and feel. Restaurants designed in the Garden Grill Style will also have the opportunity to incorporate express ordering kiosks.

The unique concept sets it apart from the usual QSR and showcases the craft that is present in all that BURGER KING® do.

Let us know your thoughts on this new 20/20 Garden Grill concept. Leave a comment below or contact us via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

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