Bukowski Grill The Smokey Beast

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Review of Bukowski Grill The Smokey Beast

Website: http://www.bukowski-grill.co.uk/

What they say:

Beef patty topped with red onions, smoked pulled pork, Smokey Honey & Chipotle BBQ sauce, smoked gherkins with lettuce and smoked garlic and scotch bonnet mayo. Basically with anything we could smoke in our kitchen…

Price: £10.95.

Calories: Unknown.

Right, I’m going to say what I’m sure others are thinking. Boxpark is weird. I know we are supposed to follow the crowd and say that every deconstructed/pseudo-industrial “urban” idea that comes from big cities, especially London, is cool.

But it’s weird. Lots of little businesses in converted shipping containers. Clothing and other things downstairs, and food and drink upstairs.

Of course it probably means that some small businesses that couldn’t otherwise afford stupid London rents, can get a place to trade. And for businesses that’s good. Until it becomes too cool and rents go sky high.

Bukowski Grill The Smokey Beast
Bukowski’s menu…

Anyway, Bukowksi is one of these businesses currently livin’ in a box. Extremely narrow and long, but well decked out – tables inside, some more outside, shared presumably with the other traders. Finding the toilet, however, is another prospect altogether. I’m going for a walk. I may be some time.

I ordered The Smokey Beast – described as basically everything they could stick in their smoker, and I asked for it medium.

Bukowski Grill The Smokey Beast
The Smokey Beast…

When it arrived, I noticed three things. Lovely smokey smell, chilli sauce and pickles. I must admit my heart sank at the sight of so many pickles underneath.

Thanks to America, I’m pretty sick of overwhelming pickles. But upon closer inspection, Bukowski’s pickles were cut very thinly and actually didn’t interfere too much with the taste.

The size was not as big as the name and description might suggest and it was presented in a crusty, shiny bun. Smokey was the name of the game here, and I suppose I was the Bandit, just for a moment. The smokey smell persisted throughout and the meat had a gloriously woody taste, just as expected.

Bukowski Grill The Smokey Beast
Small beast, but well-formed…

As one staff member after another went outside for a cigarette, I tucked into my Beast. It was very good.

About halfway through, I had to turn it upside down though. The chilli sauce had dripped onto the grease proof paper on the neat black plate, and of course every time I put it down, I was putting it down into the sauce. The bottom half of the bun got too wet to cope, so upside down it went.

The smokiness continued into the pulled pork that had been liberally applied to the top. It was tasty, and the medium-cooked beef had a lovely texture.

I loved how the smokey flavour carried through the whole burger so well without killing it.

Bukowski Grill The Smokey Beast
Inside – lots of smokey goodness…

On the menu here are some fantastically named and described burgers, all of which sound too big to manage. But if this Smokey Beast is anything to go by, they are not silly-sized.

There was no cheese on this – that’s an optional extra. But there was lettuce, red onion, pickle of course and a little pot of mayo on the side.

Thoroughly enjoyable burger at a great little place. They also apparently have another branch in Brixton.

Bukowski Grill The Smokey Beast
Deliciously smokey contents…

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  • 30/06/2015 at 8:46 am

    Excellent Dish, I can't Stop Water From Mouth,So Delicious.Stunning Pics……

  • 30/06/2015 at 8:46 am

    Excellent Dish, I can't Stop Water From Mouth,So Delicious.Stunning Pics……

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