Bill’s Restaurant Bill’s Hamburger

Review of Bill’s Restaurant “Bill’s Hamburger”


What they say:

Bill’s is an interesting concept, as it’s open all day, from early in the morning for breakfast, throughout the day and into the evening for supper. Big on service, big on atmosphere, the menu is a mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner classics, from eggs benedict and granola with fresh fruit right through to barbecue ribs, burgers and risotto.

Price: £9.95, plus £1.50 for streaky bacon.

Calories: Unknown.

Bill’s opened in Worcester about a year ago and MrsVeggieGeek and myself keep walking past it and thought we’d give it a shot.

The menu didn’t look too bad – a varied selection, although it isn’t sure what it wants to be – the decor had a 1950s rustic Italian vibe about it, yet the menu didn’t reflect this.

Looking at their website they have over 50 restaurants nationwide, and although they aren’t a burger place, the burger didn’t sound too bad/

Burger cooked to order, served in a sesame seed bun with red onion, tomato, lettuce and horseradish mayonnaise with skin on fries.

I was really looking forward to the horseradish mayonnaise, hoping it would have that pleasant horseradish heat.

I also opted for streaky bacon at £1.50 extra, although you also have the choice between Monterrey Jack cheese (£1.20) and Guacamole (£1.20). I also asked for it medium.

The service was brilliant and our food arrived in a reasonable amount of time (most probably as we had BurgerGeek Jr with us, who at 2.5 years old doesn’t have much of an attention span).

The burger and fries were served on a rustic looking wooden chopping board, with the fries in a lovely mini red metal bucket.

Bill’s Restaurant Bill’s Hamburger
What you get for your money…

The burger was a good size and held together with a skewer, although too big to pick up and easily eat without the contents dispersing over the table. The bun looked an amazing colour – perfectly toasted and a nice shine on top.

Bill’s Restaurant Bill’s Hamburger
Bill’s Hamburger…

Opening up the burger and each of the components were present – not too much red onion, a nice layer of the horseradish mayonnaise, crispy lettuce, vibrant tomato and plenty of the bacon, although probably a bit too much fat.

Cutting the burger open and it was over-done for my liking – certainly not a red in the middle as I’d like!

Bill’s Restaurant Bill’s Hamburger
Slightly over medium…

How did it taste? Unfortunately this was one of the biggest let-downs since the McDonald’s Ultimate Supreme.

The patty was dry and contained too many chewy bits of gristle which made it an effort to eat, especially combined with the bun which was far too dry, resulting in me almost downing the jug of water on the table.

The bacon was the dominate flavour here and I couldn’t even taste any horseradish from the mayonnaise. Even when I tasted this separately, the horseradish taste was mild at best.

This was a struggle to finish. On a positive note, the fries were reasonably tasty.

MrsVeggieGeek didn’t complain about her main meal, and BurgerGeek Jr had BBQ Ribs, which were perfect, so although I would like to think that Bills were having an off-day, I think the reality is that they need to improve their patties, and do something about the overly dry bun.

Burger Geek