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Atomic Burger Sarah Connor Terminator Anniversary Burger

Atomic Burger Bristol

Review of Atomic Burger October Joker Special Sarah Connor 30th Anniversary Terminator Burger


What they say:

Burger topped with deep fried crispy & gooey Mozzarella, Fresh Rocket & Jerk BBQ Sauce.

Price: £10.25.

Calories: Unknown.


Is Burger Lad® a Terminator fan? We’ll let you decide after reading this review.

I am sat here now at BLHQ typing up my review of the Atomic Burger Sarah Connor Terminator Anniversary Burger.

The Brad Fiedel ‘Definite Edition Original Motion Picture Score’ is playing in the background (+ the songs from the soundtrack obviously) and glancing up I can see my NECA Toys T-800 {Battle Damaged Tech Noir} action figure.

As soon as I saw on Twitter that Atomic’s latest monthly special was the “Mother of all Burgers” I knew we were going to be making the drive down to Bristol pretty soon.

This burger is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Terminator – alright I’ll let them off that the imagery used is from T2, in fact it gives me licence to use some material from the second movie also…

Sarah Connor – now at Atomic Burger…

It’s a good time to mention anniversaries.

Nearly two years ago we launched a fledgling burger review website – the very first review featured was, of course The Chuck Norris from Atomic Burger in Oxford.

Find the Time Displacement Equipment and travel a year back from today and you’ll see me sampling the McLovin’ in Bristol.

Confused!? Hey… I didn’t build the fucking thing!

We scored a killer parking space on Gloucester Road and left to make the short walk to Atomic “guard it for me Big Buns…”

Arriving in a storm of blue lightening around 3pm, the restaurant was as busy as ever.

Of course, we had booked and were shown to what is becoming “our table” by our favourite waitress and Atomic Legend, Pippa – she is an absolute star!

I was in full on Terminator mode as I was wearing my Last Exit to Nowhere Tech Noir T-Shirt and sporting the iconic Gargoyles ANSI Classic 85s Sunglasses which feature in the majority of my YouTube videos – and are the modern day version of the glasses Arnold wore in The Terminator.

On Atomic’s recommendation, I went with the chicken version of the Sarah Connor and this was to be my first foray away from my normal option of beef.

After a relatively short wait, I was presented with the latest monthly special.

Oh and before we get to the pictures I’d just like to add that Terminator 2: Judgment Day has got some shameful Pepsi product placement so we just had to continue the saga…

Atomic Burger Sarah Connor Chicken Model 101…

The Sarah Connor was stacked high with the chicken breast fillet, deep fried, breaded Mozzarella and a generous amount of fresh rocket.

Here I’m guessing the first link to Sarah is that she likes rocket launchers and this burger has plenty of firepower in that department!

The Jerk BBQ Sauce was oozing out and down the side of the burger like Mimetic polyalloy.

I was interested just how this would compare to the recent Ed’s Easy Diner disaster.

Well the difference was that Ed’s just used the sauce straight out the container where Atomic use it as a base before applying their usual alchemy standards.

It was hot and fiery (a bit like Sarah herself) and had a kick but nowhere near the nuclear fallout levels. More fruity with a hint of Scotch Bonnet.

A rocket launcher of flavour in your face…

Miss Milkshake glanced over as I looked lovingly at the Sarah Connor burger. Almost like a whisper I held Sarah in my hands.

“I came down the M5 for you, Sarah. I love you. I always have.”

“What was that?” Double M asked.

“Sure honey everything’s fine… Woflie’s fine honey. Wolfie’s just fine.”

With that she called Douglas to take me back to Pescadero state hospital…

“On October 5th 2014, it’s gonna feel pretty fucking real to you, too! Anybody not eating fallout sauce is gonna have a real bad day, get it?! You think you’re full and content? You’re already full! Everybody! Him, you, you’re full already! This whole place! Everything you see is eaten! You’re the one living in an Atomic Dream, Silberman! Because I know it happens! It happens!!”

Oozing BBQ Jerk Sauce…

Back to reality… for now. The rocket salad was ace.

Peppery, strong and as that mixed with the subtle, stringy cheese I was like “oh I get it now” – real clever combination of flavours going on here and with that BBQ Jerk Sauce this was awesome.

In fact, Miss Milkshake had a try and proclaimed it to be “one of the best yet…”

But how was that chicken breast fillet…!?

Well for me my first love will always be beef but I am so, so glad I went with the chicken option today cause for me the Mozzarella, Jerk Sauce and rocket were just executed perfectly alongside the chicken.

It was moist, perfectly char-grilled and fresh tasting. Again not a fan of fresh tomato, but I ate half of the Sarah Connor with it in as a show of respect for our burger hosts.

Featuring shameless Pepsi product placement…

What I love about Atomic (not including the food) is the destination/experience. And the staff… they are always amazing whether we are incognito or not.

In fact, I could be like the T-1000 and morph into somebody different and they would still treat us the same, they are that damn good!

Somebody asked me on Twitter recently why we didn’t give the milkshakes at Ed’s Easy Diner a try.

Well having sampled Shakes 2Go and Shakies in the last month I didn’t think they’d even be in the same league. And I’m glad I didn’t as Atomic served us up this amazing pair; The Truffle Shuffle and Cookie Monster – massive thanks to Martin!!

Get the shakes at Atomic Burger, Bristol…

Overall, the Sarah Connor is an interesting monthly special and works brilliantly with the chicken fillet breast.

This certainly has a clever combination of flavours going on and is spicy, fresh and rich but with a subtleness and vulnerability… a bit like the woman the burger is named after.

Towards the end of the meal I knocked the pepper mill on the floor. As I picked it up and looked around and noticed a mysterious guy watching me.

Burning in the Third Degree blasted out the speakers as I ran to the phone book. I looked down the list; Burger Joint, Burger King, Burger Lad®… I was next!

Running out the restaurant I heard a female voice say “hey… That guy didn’t pay.” I didn’t care on this occasion… because there’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.

Due to an increasing waistline and fuel costs I hope a) I don’t like the look of the November monthly special or b) it’s not a movie close to my heart as I could do with a month off… but we shall see.

One thing is for certain though… I’ll be back…

Burger Lad®

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