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Atomic Burger Mr T Burger

Atomic Burger Mr T Burger

Review of Atomic Burger February Joker Special Mr T Burger


What they say:

Beef, Chicken or Veggie Burger topped with Meatballs, Bacon, BBQ Pulled Pork, American cheese and any side.

Price: £10.25.

Calories: Unknown.


Atomic Legend. Yes you heard correctly. This was what I was called today by one of the amazing girls satisfying our burger requirements at Atomic Burger, Bristol.

Now back in February we were in town to check out the monthly Joker Special called the Mr T burger.

Unfortunately on that occasion Atomic had to shut unexpectedly so I missed out. However, because Atomic are quite frankly awesome…they said I could order one next time.

We hit the M5 at 88mph with Blondie’s “Atomic” blaring on the radio. I was slightly scared to ask for this off the menu item but these fears were allayed when we placed our order as the girl just said to me “you’re having the Mr T aren’t you?” This was the definition of winning.

Having arrived early our table was ready. When asked what name it was booked in I coyly replied “Burger Lad” to which I was amazed to hear that she had heard a lot about me. Atomic Legend.

Atomic Burger Mr T burger…

So after filming the return of BLTV (which you can see below) I was ready to take on the T.

It sat there in front of me packed full of MEAT. Well you don’t win friends with salad do you!? “I ain’t getting on no plate” came to mind as I took another mouthful of this meat monolith.

This really was B.A. – Bloody Awesome and is definitely our next induction into the celebrity wing of our BurgerMania Hall of Fame.

The patty does not get lost amongst its porky pals and you can easily distinguish its fresh, flavour packed loveliness. As ever, it was cooked medium with just the slightest of pink perfection.

Maybe it was the hangover from the night before but I ate this so fast I had one eye on the Fallout Challenge.

“I ain’t gettin’ on no plate fool…”

I have had the pulled pork before on the Chuck Norris but that was a while ago now and this BBQ fused pulled pork was quite basically the bees knees. Sweet, tender, juicy and damn right dirty but packed with taste and just oozing brilliance.

The meatballs worked greatly to contribute to this culinary concoction but I was amazed just how great the bacon was. There was a ton of it on-board and like Murdoch I laughed like a crazy man while feasting on the Mr T.

The Mr T burger was finished with a slice of American cheese, lettuce and fresh tomato (which I always remove) and the sci-fries were once again “out of this world”.

I later met up with a good friend who had seen us drive past in Cheltenham earlier on.

“They are probably on their way to Atomic” to which his girlfriend replied “that’s a long way to go for a burger.”

Well Atomic is well worth the drive and the Mr T really was special. The staff were as lovely as ever so thanks guys!

It was a pleasure to meat you…

Once again, I put myself through the pain of the Fallout Chicken wings.

Having learnt my lesson from previous visits I opted to have them with/after the Mr T and like a boss managed a PB of nine wings.

Miss Milkshake never disappoints and had three of the fiery fiends.

Despite their evil, unforgiving heat they were still only the second hottest thing at the table. Talking of Double M, she gave us her insights into the March Joker Special and what a stunning debut…

Science Fiction Double-Feature: PART DEUX

The Atomic Burger monthly ‘Joker’ special: Spengler


What they say: Beef, Chicken or Veggie burger topped with Hot Dog, Aged Cheddar Sauce, Shroomie mushroom and red onion. Served, as always with a free side. This month’s special is in honour of the original nerd who made all nerds cool. Who you gonna call?

Price: £10.25.

Calories: Pffft… not counting.

I’ll be honest, this was the first time I’d ever felt nervous eating a cheeseburger.

Partly because of the ‘biblical proportions’ of the burger itself (and the prospect of half of it landing down my favourite white T shirt), but mostly because I was facing off with the Legend* that is Burger Lad®. That’s a lot of pressure for a rookie such as myself.

Seeing as Burger Lad® is the King of Burgers, I decided to ease myself into the role with a milkshake to get me started.

I say ‘milkshake’, but this was so much more than that.

Dubbed the ‘Mrs Mia Wallace Shotgun Shake’ by the good people of Atomic, this was a Sundae glass of Epic Win with a cherry on top. A Vodka & Kahlua shake with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, piled high with cream, and garnished with a cherry (not to mention a parasol that matched my nail polish – eek!).

On top of all that I opted for a generous sprinkling of popping candy. Why do things by halves? Anyway, back to business.

The burger was aptly named. Anyone who paid attention to Ghostbusters would tell you that Spengler collected ‘spores, moulds and fungus’, so the Shroomie mushrooms were a welcome addition.

The Aged Cheddar Sauce oozed out of the burger like Ectoplasmic residue. They probably could’ve popped a Twinkie in there somewhere for good measure, but that’s just my sweet tooth talking.

Atomic Burger Spengler…

I’m not against getting messy but I did feel less like a Ghostbuster and more like Slimer eating that thing.

I even ended up having to finish my Spengler burger off with a knife and fork to retain some dignity, along with the crisp whiteness of my T shirt.

It was a bit of a sloppy Joe, but in no way was that a bad thing, and I really couldn’t fault it.

I’ll leave Burger Lad® to give you the finer details (him being the expert and all), but the thick, juicy patty itself was cooked to order (which for me means pink in the middle), the hotdog added a little smoky something extra, and the cheese sauce was all that was required. No standard edition ketchup or mayo etc.

Can’t wait to see what they bring out next month!

*That’s Atomic Legend to you.

Here is her concept artwork for Miss Milkshake, we should have a Burger Lad® one soon!

Her milkshake…is better than yours…!

Thanks Miss Milkshake for this cracking review and artwork. We also filmed a quick episode of BLTV where I manage to have BBQ sauce on my face the whole time! Clearly Miss Milkshake did not go to David Attenburger Film School either…

So I hope you have enjoyed this Science Fiction, double feature… get to Atomic Burger… they want to meet ya!

With that let’s take one last look at this A-rated burger, The Mr T – this really does have the bling to back the name up. Atomic Legend.

Burger, pulled pork, meatballs, bacon, cheese…

Burger Lad®

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