Alice Cooperstown Arizona Burger

Review of Alice Cooperstown Arizona Burger


What they say:

All of our beef burgers are 100% ground chuck and are never frozen. “Arizona” Burger – Topped with melted provolone, guacamole, salsa, lettuce and tomato.

Price: $11.99.

Calories: Unknown.

Very probably Arizona’s most famous son is Alice Cooper. If you’ve never heard of him you are no friend of mine!

Alice Copper is a rock legend. He lives in North Scottsdale (where several other original rock stars and other celebrities live) and has his own food and drink joint in downtown Phoenix.

He wasn’t there personally when I was there, but I don’t suppose that is very surprising. He does, however, come in regularly and is very involved in the business.

Alice Cooperstown Arizona Burger
Welcome to Cooperstown…

I arrived, sloshing around several earlier beers in my belly and ordered another beer. Then another.

Eventually I got hungry and it was time for the burger. It was really no contest here. It had to be the Arizona Burger. I’m in Arizona, Alice is from Arizona. Easy.

It’s a cheeseburger where the cheese of choice is provolone and toppings are guacamole and salsa. I also chose to add red onions, and grilled onions were also an option.

Instead of fries as a side, I’ve chosen to have Mac & cheese bites. Had them at Solita in Manchester and I think they ought to be far more of a mainstream thing.

Alice Cooperstown Arizona Burger
Indoors, as seen on Man vs. Food…

As I put my order in, the waitress was explaining that the Boss comes in about once a month. It’s a great shame today wasn’t one of those days, but I suppose I’m not worthy.

My burger arrived in a little basket/tray contraption. Four Mac & cheese bites at one side, and a neat small-ish burger on the other.

Alice Cooperstown Arizona Burger
The Arizona Burger with Mac n Cheese bites…

The bun looked the closest I’ve seen in America to the Scottish morning roll – one of my absolute favourite choices of burger bun.

I tucked into one of the Mac bites first. They didn’t look like much but good god they were tasty. I wolfed down two before I even got to the burger.

As I picked the burger up and prepared for my first bite, the top cracked. Exactly like a morning roll. It was great. It did the job very well and then some.

Alice Cooperstown Arizona Burger
Heavy metal contents laid bare…

Inside, a beef patty, a couple of large slices of tomato, plenty of lettuce, big slices of red onion, the cheese and of course guac and salsa.

In the distant background was a slight heat. I couldn’t work out if it was the signature bite of the red onions or if there was a bit of chilli in the salsa. But wherever it came from, it was pleasant.

There was enough lettuce on this to give a satisfying crunch, and that offset the goo of the guacamole nicely.

Alice Cooperstown Arizona Burger
A good looking stack…

The tomato, I could take or leave and actually removed one that was half hanging out. The combination of the soft messy guac and the slightly more rigid salsa, along with the floaty, melty provolone was glorious. It was like a pillow or a cloud before getting into the meat.

And the beef. Well, not necessarily the best I’ve ever had but that’s a very high target to reach, but it was very good. Definitely benefitted from being cooked medium as opposed to well done.

Alice Cooperstown Arizona Burger
Alice Cooperstown Arizona Burger…

Quite tasty actually and it felt good biting down through this bun and the cloud and into the beef before my teeth made contact with each other.

While I was there, one daredevil attempted the “Big Unit” – a 22″ hot dog featured in Man vs Food, and this resulted in flashing lights, a bell and much shouting.

Alice Cooperstown Arizona Burger
Dare you try the Big Unit…!?

When I was finished I was very sad to leave. This is exactly my kind of place. I liked every single thing about Cooperstown and the burger is well worth checking out, if you don’t feel capable of tackling the Big Unit.

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