About us:

Burger Lad® is the industry recognised number one burger review website in the UK.

We feature an extensive review portfolio of places that sell burgers, ranging from street food vendors to high class eating establishments and everything in-between.

We also review the very latest promotional limited time offers from McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and other High Street burger chains. Put simply, if you are looking for the definitive burger review website you have come to the right place!

Established in October 2012, Burger Lad® receives approximately 300,000 page views per month from 200,000 unique users! If you would like to see your restaurant featured on these pages please contact us.

We are the people’s burger website.

“Meat” the team:

Burger Lad®

Creator and owner, Burger Lad® is the lead reviewer of McDonald’s promotional burgers. He is committed to exclusively revealing the next limited time offer and bringing you the very “first look” review. He is also dedicated to reviewing non-mainstream burger joints to share his burger adventures with the rest of the world. An innovator of menu hacks and excellent at crafting his own delicious burger creations, Burger Lad® is a McDonald’s My Burger Finalist, former monthly contributor for QuickBite Magazine and judge at the 2017 National Burger Awards.

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Miss Milkshake

Head of Creative for Burger Lad®. Since joining the team, MM has used her vast social media experience to significantly raise the profile of the Burger Lad® brand. She was responsible for developing our iconic logo and uses her design skills to produce all of our promotional material. Known for her genius milkshake inventions she truly brings all the boys to the yard.

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Admiral Burgerbar

Principal Burger Critic for Burger Lad®. Often found travelling First Class between Manchester and London, the Admiral is a highly respected gourmet burger analyst. Since setting sail on his ship, AB has reviewed a plethora of patties in his quest to find THE best burger. Known for his remarkable USA burger tour and being our street food correspondent, the Admiral will always promise you one thing: Bacon makes everything better!

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Mr Magfries

Technical & SEO professional with 17 years experience in website development who migrated the Burger Lad blog/website from Blogger into WordPress in early 2016. Providing ongoing hosting, technical support and SEO services. Owner of Magpie Image Ltd and 9 other companies.

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Note: The opinions/views expressed in Burger Lad® reviews are from one of the team above (except for our guest review posts). They are not endorsed in any way, shape, or form (unless 5-figure sums are involved). We will always publish the menu price of the burger but if we have received it gratis then this will be mentioned.

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