McDonald’s World Cup Burgers 2018

McDonald’s World Cup Burgers 2018

The FIFA World Cup is approaching and Brazil are the first country to announce their burger line-up for the tournament.

BURGER LAD® featured the most comprehensive list of McDonald’s World Cup Burgers in 2014 and we will continue to update this post as more limited time burgers are revealed to commemorate the occasion.

McDonald's World Cup Burgers

Up first from Brazil, (as reported by GKPB) there will be seven rotating burgers – each one available on a different day of the week.

Each burger will also be accompanied by a different flavour of Loaded Fries.

McItália – (aka McItaly) Sunday

McDonald's McItalia

McFrança – (aka McFrance) Monday

McDonald's McFranca

McEspanha – (aka McSpain) Tuesday

McDonald's McEspana

McAlemanha – (aka McGermany) Wednesday

McDonald's McAlemanha

McUruguai – (aka McUruguay) Thursday

McDonald's McUruguai

McInglaterra – (aka McEngland) Friday

McDonald's McIngland

McArgentina – (aka McArgentina) Saturday

McDonald's McArgentina

The McBrasil will be available every day.

McDonald's McBrasil

Will the UK get a promotional burger(s) for the tournament?

Check back for further updates as more countries reveal their McDonald’s 2018 World Cup Burgers!

Burger Lad®

Picture credits: GKPB


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