Ilchester Black Cheddar

Ilchester Black Cheddar

3 Ways with Ilchester Black Cheddar

Norseland Ltd are the number one blended cheese supplier according to data from Kantar Worldpanel.

The multiple award-winning, innovative cheese specialists have a number of brands in their portfolio, including the popular Jarlsberg®, Applewood® and Mexicana® ranges.

We are big fans of all three of the mentioned above, but today we are getting an exclusive sneak preview of a new product line coming out soon – Ilchester Black Cheddar.

Ilchester Black Cheddar

This is described as “a Rich and Smooth Black Cheddar which is a versatile and uniquely flavoured cheese. Coloured with natural Cocoa and Carob to give a malty flavour. Melts well and melts evenly.”

To taste test the new Ilchester Black Cheddar (available in 160g slices or a 4.2kg block), we decided to do three of our favourites using the cheese. Up first is a grilled cheese sandwich.

Ilchester Black Cheddar

For this, we used some thickly sliced rustic bread, melted unsalted butter, grated Jarlsberg Original and two of the Ilchester Black Cheddar slices.

Pre-cooked, the cheese looks impressive and I can’t help thinking of a cross-section of black pudding when I look at it.

Flavour-wise it is deceiving as you taste with your eyes first. Because of the colour, you almost expect it to be sweet.

It is quite rich with creamy hints. Due to the malty flavour it should pair nicely with craft lagers and real ales.

We couldn’t do our taste test of the new Ilchester Black Cheddar without getting a burger on!

After all, this is arguably the favourite way to enjoy this cheese.

Ilchester Black Cheddar

And we think it will be great to use with black buns (especially at Halloween!) so you can recreate the BK Kuro [Japan] which also features black cheese.

We didn’t have any black buns on this occasion…

What we did have though was a crusty roll, a Lidl Deluxe Steak burger iceberg lettuce, thick cut pickles and sliced red onion.

I found the black cheese to have a creamy quality to it. Quite rich but smoother than other cheddars.

Finally, one of our most popular dishes at BLHQ is nachos. And inspired by our holiday to Sicily in 2017 we present our Mt. Etna Nachos:

Ilchester Black Cheddar

We used a couple of dishes to create the “volcano-effect” – in my mind, I envisioned salsa at the top resembling the crater and lava.

As all the soil and earth at Mt. Etna is black I thought the cheese would represent this well… scattered with some spicy chopped jalapenos here and there.

I think the pictures show just how different the Ilchester Black Cheddar is and it will certainly be a talking point when entertaining guests.

It is definitely a tasty, versatile and impressive looking cheese so keep a look out for it appearing on shelves soon!

Please note: this post is part of a paid-for advertising campaign and our opinions have not been influenced by this.

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Ilchester Black Cheddar – coming to a store near you soon!

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