Burger King Chocolate Whopper

Burger King Chocolate Whopper

The fast food April Fools have begun early with the Burger King Chocolate Whopper.

BK Hungary have teased that it is coming to their restaurants from… Sunday 1st April.

Burger King Chocolate Whopper

Reports have also indicated BK Russia promoting the same LTO, in addition to BK South Africa, Germany, Sweden and Lebanon posting YouTube videos like the one below.

Burger King New Zealand list the fictitious build as:

Chocolate Cake Bun
Flame-Grilled Chocolate Patty
Raspberry Syrup
White Chocolate Rings
Candied Blood Oranges
Milk Chocolate Leaves
Vanilla Frosting

The Chocolate Whopper mimics the flagship Whopper but using sweet ingredients – all in time for Easter, could this be the best fast food April Fools to date?

Will Burger King UK also hype the Chocolate Whopper?

Real or ‘Whopper’? You decide!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

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