Burger King Kraft Mac and Cheese King Burger

Burger King USA testing Mac n’ Cheese King Burger – USA

Burger King USA are apparently testing and advertising a burger in Indiana called the Mac n’ Cheese King.

Reddit user TaddandChris posted in the Fastfood reddit asking if anyone had any additional information on it.

We’ve scoured the internet and found nothing as of writing.

Back in 2008, Popsugar reported on Burger King USA offering Kraft-branded mac and cheese in test markets.

More recently, BK USA have had Mac n’ Cheetos on their menu on multiple occasions.

The burger is described by TaddandChris as having Kraft Mac, bacon and barbecue sauce.

Burger King USA currently have the Mushroom and Swiss King and the Bacon King on their menu so could this be next?

According to the post, the Mac n’ Cheese King has been advertised in commercials so keep a look out if you live in that area… and if you see/get any promo images please get in touch!

More updates if we get them!


Popular US-based The Impulsive Buy have got the first known promo picture which you can see here.

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