McDonald’s Grand Mac & Mac Jr

McDonald’s Grand Mac & Mac Jr

As smart McDonald’s fans, you should know about the Big Mac’s big brother and little sister available on the McDonald’s US menu.

But I bet you didn’t know you can get them here in the U.K…. read on.

Well. You know the Big Mac. The middle-sized burger is the easiest to get, obviously. It’s on the menu, has been for decades – you just order a Big Mac. Bob’s your uncle.

The baby of the range, the Mac Jr, is technically available all the time too.

What you need to do with this one is remove the middle bun and the top patty but ensure you scrape all the pickles and sauce back onto the bit you’re keeping. Replace the crown and voila you have a Mac Jr.

McDonald's Grand Mac & Mac Jr

The largest one is the most difficult and the reason I haven’t brought you this before. But the Big Tasty is back, and therein lies opportunity.

The Big Tasty patties are perfect for replicating the patties on the Grand Mac.

So, what you need to do here is order two Big Tasties with specific instructions:

– no bacon (I know it’s against all taste logic, but the Big Mac doesn’t have bacon).
– no tomato (Big Tasty comes with tomato but Big Mac doesn’t).
– add pickle – this is extremely important so don’t forget.
– swap Big Tasty sauce for Big Mac “special” sauce. This is the most important part, so much so that if you forget to do this, you’ve messed the whole thing up.

McDonald's Grand Mac & Mac Jr

So there you go, you can create the full Mac range (or Mac Family as it is known in some countries) at any UK McDonald’s branch.

Now, you must remember that these items aren’t readily available on the menu so of course it’s going to be more expensive than the equivalent US items, especially the Grand Mac.

And if you’ve done it right, you get the Classic Big Mac taste in three sizes. I’m not going to go into the taste here, because we’ve covered the Big Mac before – you know the name, you know the taste.

McDonald's Grand Mac & Mac Jr

Here at BURGER LAD® you’ve got the largest library of menu hacks and secret menu items readily available to read (and created, not just theoretical).

We are extremely chuffed to bring you this latest one, a recreation of McDonald’s USA Grand Mac and Mac Jr.

Who knows, the range might be available properly here in future, but for now, give it a go and let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Grand Mac & Mac Jr

  • 21st August 2017 at 3:48 pm

    We are travelling to the Uk and Dublin next month and as we are oldies we enjoy GRAND chicken burger which we get out here in SA – what is the equivalent in the UK?
    Also Pensioners over aged 60 here in SA get free coffee black or white so does this apply in the UK as well? It would help our meager budget and a good ad. for Mc D

  • 21st August 2017 at 3:55 pm

    We enjoy free coffee for us oldies in SA at Mc Donalds … I am in my 80’s and the wife is 4 years younger & we are touring the UK next month. Love our Grand Chicken burgers here in Cape Town but don’t see it on your UK menu?
    Any chance of us having soup at Mc Donalds.?


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