Burger King Route 66 2016

Burger King Route 66 American Road Trip Promotion 2016

Three burgers return to Burger King today as part of the 2016 Route 66 promotion which also features new Chorizo Bites.

Burger King Route 66 2016
Route 66 returns to Burger King…

We reviewed all three of the returning burgers in 2015 but to re-fresh your memory here is the line-up:

Texas Crunchy Whopper – featuring a “Whopper patty, crunchy potato rosti, crispy bacon with American cheese and mayo. Tangy BBQ sauce gives it an authentic southern flavour”.

You can see our 2015 review of the BK Texas Crunchy Whopper here.

Up next is the Chicago Steakhouse which also scored a favourable review with us last year. Described as “a Whopper patty, bacon, crispy onions, white cheddar cheese and salad, all topped off with a serving of peppercorn sauce.”

The ever-present chicken element of the promo is fulfilled by the California Chicken Tendercrisp and completed our hat-trick of Route 66 reviews last year. The official word is “a Tendercrisp patty, crispy onions, white cheddar cheese, salad and mayo”.

All burgers will be available for the RRP of £4.99 or £6.69 as part of a meal (subject to variation).

The major news is another new side being released by the King and Co. and I believe a first for Burger King. Chorizo Bites are “a twist on the classic mozzarella bites featuring cheese combined with pieces of tasty chorizo” and are available for £2.49 for two pieces and £3.99 for four.

No word on how long the Route 66 promotion will last but should be available in participating Burger King restaurants from Wednesday 13th January. This also confirms that BK have now got their set of recurring annual promotions with this the third year of the Route 66 promo.

Will you be taking a Route 66 Roadtrip in 2016? Which of the the three burgers is your favourite? Let us know via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

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One thought on “Burger King Route 66 2016

  • 16th January 2016 at 1:03 am

    Hey just to note, I work at Burger King and I'm sure the Chrizo bites come in portions of 4 or 6, and I think the price stated for them may be wrong as £2.49 for two and £3.99 for 4 is the price for our chicken strips. Thanks 🙂


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