McDonald’s USA Sirloin Burgers

McDonald’s USA Launches new 1/3 lb Sirloin Burgers

McDonald’s USA have launched three new 1/3 lb 100% Sirloin Burgers and the first area to get them is the New York Tri-State Region.

McDonald’s Sirloin Burgers

Priced at $4.99 and available for a limited time only, the sandwich will be rolled out nationally by the summer.

Some people on Twitter have already started posting pictures of the new burgers:

We’re not sure of the names of all three but one we believe is called the Steakhouse which has mushrooms, onions, cheese and a steakhouse sauce. The other two look fairly generic with red onion, tomato and lettuce on one build and what appears to be bacon on the third.

McDonald’s Sirloin Burgers

So Steve Easterbrook is banking on premium burgers as he looks to revive McDonald’s fortunes in the USA. We’d like to see these 1/3 lb Sirloin Burgers arrive in the UK if successful.

UPDATE: The burgers are called Steakhouse, Bacon & Cheese and Lettuce & Tomato.

McDonald’s Sirloin Burgers

Here is the promotional carton the new Third Pound Sirloin burgers come in. Photo credit @Cheerios47 on Twitter.

McDonald’s Sirloin Burgers

We checked with @Cheerios47 and she was more than happy to let us publish this awesome shot of the Steakhouse. A full review is coming to her website soon so keep a look out! We’ll be linking to that as soon as it is available. Thanks again!

McDonald’s Sirloin Burgers

You can read the review here.

Awesome promotional shot from McDonald’s NY Tri-State:

McDonald’s Sirloin Burgers

Make sure you read the Steakhouse review above! @Cheerios47 is back again, this time the Bacon & Cheese. Again these are her photos:

McDonald’s Sirloin Burgers

@Cheerios47 completes the hat-trick, or Tri-Burgerthon if you prefer with the Lettuce & Tomato:

McDonald’s Sirloin Burgers
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