McDonald’s Chicken and Cheddar Classic

Review of McDonald’s Chicken & Cheddar Classic


What they say:

Crispy coated chicken breast fillet with bacon, red onion, Batavia lettuce, a smooth cheese sauce and a slice of mature cheddar cheese, in a sesame seed topped bun.

Price: £3.89 for the burger only (subject to variation).

Calories: 640 kcal.

I was sitting quietly on the bridge when all of a sudden the Burger Emergency phone pinged. It was a message from Burger Lad®. He was in the middle of being the first in the world to review the brand new Big Uno and noticed a new chicken burger too.

So I headed the call and set sail for the nearest McDonald’s, picking up both the new Chicken and Cheddar Classic, as well as a Big Uno, and brought them both on-board the flagship.

McDonald’s Chicken and Cheddar Classic
Outside the drive-thru…

The Big Uno was rather tasty. It didn’t blow me away, but it seemed a very decent start to the five-week My Burger campaign – more on the Big Uno from BL® here.

I suppose the thinking was that there are going to be five beef offerings, so a chicken companion would be needed, and I guess the name was chosen for the sort of alliteration.

McDonald’s Chicken and Cheddar Classic
Double world exclusive…

It was the same size and same oval shape as the My Burger, and even had its own special box. Presentation-wise it was pretty good (better than the way my Big Uno had been put together).

Chicken – a thick, coated chicken fillet which was substantial and tasty. It was similar to McDonalds’ other chicken fillets, with what looked like a slightly different coating, albeit the taste, of which did not come through.

McDonald’s Chicken and Cheddar Classic
McDonald’s Chicken & Cheddar Classic…

Cheddar – yes, a slice of cheddar. Cheese nearly always adds something positive to a burger, and while I like the range of options, blue cheese, mozzarella, Jack, Brie and so on, cheddar is the most consistent. That said, I do prefer a really strong, bitey cheddar, and I don’t think this was.

Classic – I’m really not sure what makes this a classic, other than the need to call it something.

There were quite a number of other toppings fighting for space in there too.

Bacon. Ah bacon, you who makes everything better. Bacon was present, but only presented a very subtle taste.

McDonald’s Chicken and Cheddar Classic
Lifting the lid…

Smooth cheese sauce – this was provided in rather liberal quantities, sadly, and I feel it may have taken the edge off both the cheese and the bacon. It was a nice addition, certainly ensuring no dryness, but a little less would have been my preference.

Red Onion – again, quite liberally applied, but did wonders for the texture. A satisfying crunch in the sea of cheese sauce. It is also very difficult for anything to drown out the taste of fresh red onion – a great addition to this.

There was lettuce in there too but I really couldn’t taste this.

As I was eating, it was obvious this was a pretty substantial burger, which made the price very competitive. Just like the beefy My Burgers, the oval shape differentiated it from the standard chicken burgers, and more in line with the Legend range. In fact this could well have been named the Chicken and Cheddar Legend, but what’s in a name?

McDonald’s Chicken and Cheddar Classic
A respectable sick-kick…

The thickness of the chicken throughout ensured that the core was in charge. It was only when I got a bite from an edge without chicken, did the Cheese sauce issue really become a problem, and that really wasn’t very often, thankfully.

Overall, a decent sidekick to the My Burger range. It just sort-of appeared without fanfare, so I suspect it will be around for the full five weeks rather than being rotated weekly like the beef.

Admiral Burgerbar


One thought on “McDonald’s Chicken and Cheddar Classic

  • 18th October 2014 at 9:29 pm

    Just bought one of these without the bacon. The cheddar cheese makes a huge difference over the burger cheese – you can actually taste the cheese. The overall burger was well made and was just simply delicious. I normally prefer KFC but l reckon McDonalds have won me over with this one. I'll have to try another one sometime.


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