J D Weatherspoon Mexican 6oz Beef Burger

Review of J D Weatherspoon Mexican 6oz Beef Burger

Website: http://www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk/

What they say:

6oz beef or chicken breast or vegetable burger – cheese, salsa, guacamole, chilli peppers.

Price: £6.99 including drink, chips and onion rings.

Calories: 729 kcal for the burger.

This is not our first Weatherspoon review. Our Principal Burger Critic previously checked out the Original Gourmet Chicken Burger. But it was a Friday lunchtime that Burger Lad® visited The Foley Arms Hotel in Malvern in search of a burger.

I was already in a foul mood (and no I was not looking for a Chicken Burger) and this worsened upon reading an email at the bar while ready to place my order. This mood lightened however as I was meeting a few of my family and the youngest said she had been watching my YouTube videos (without my prompting) and my Uncle said they were “better than watching TV” – can’t argue with that.

Anyway… it was a toss-up between the Mexican and Tennessee burger but it was the promise of salsa and chilli peppers which swayed it towards the Mexican (I assumed the chilli peppers would be jalapeños).

So after a short wait the following was placed in front of me.

J D Weatherspoon Mexican 6oz Beef Burger
J D Weatherspoon Mexican 6oz Beef Burger…

To be fair it looked pretty well presented with the skewer holding everything in place. I’ll excuse the 1970’s style tearoom plates – after all this is Malvern… so after taking a few shots I decided to do a cross-section shot and it was only then did I realise what was happening on my plate.

There were no chilli peppers or salsa to be found!! Now I don’t mind a bad burger now and then (well alright I do) but at least damn give me what is listed on the menu or if you’ve not got the ingredients then pull it from being on sale.

J D Weatherspoon Mexican 6oz Beef Burger
Secret menu version includes onion rings…

So whoever had done this build had decided to substitute the missing salsa and chilli peppers with onion rings. I’m not adverse to an onion ring on a burger, in fact the Double Rodeo from BK is one of my all-time favourite High Street Burgers but this was not what I ordered!

I could have taken it to the bar to complain but to be honest I just could not be bothered. I felt sorry for my Mum who had footed the bill for me and the Kondiment Kids and she looked on as I grumbled into the bPad while making notes.

So how was it or is this review now void!? Like I said I was pretty impressed with the presentation but I chose this above the Tennessee to get the “Mexican-ness” of the salsa and jalapeños. The beef was actually better than expected. Weatherspoon’s motto is “Always Fresh, Never Frozen” and I believe this was the case with this patty.

J D Weatherspoon Mexican 6oz Beef Burger
Cross-section confirmed my suspicions…

Yeah the patty – meaty, juicy and had the congealed cheese all over it. I’m not a massive fan of Guacamole and this had a mild taste to it. I’d anticipated the missing components to counter its creamy-ish taste. I even had a bite with the fresh tomato in but I confess I will NEVER like this almost obligatory burger topping. It was soon removed…

I left about a quarter of this burger as the guac was too much in the end on its own and felt a bit sickly. I was hoping someone would have come round to ask if the food was OK so I could comment that my burger was, in essence, completely wrong. But nobody came. In fact 20 minutes after we had finished still nobody had come and I exited the establishment under a darkening storm cloud (not the weather).

J D Weatherspoon Mexican 6oz Beef Burger
Did not include six onion rings as advertised…

At £6.99 including a drink this does offer significant value. I just get really wound up when things are incorrect. Maybe I should have gone back to the bar to point out the incorrectness of my burger but on this occasion I didn’t. I’ve always been told that “you get what you pay for” in life and in the future I’d choose a Big Mac meal for £4.29 or double my money and go for something a bit more “gourmet”.

Shame. It really did look pretty good when it arrived but unfortunately incorrect toppings let down the J D Weatherspoon Mexican Burger on this occasion.

Burger Lad®


5 thoughts on “J D Weatherspoon Mexican 6oz Beef Burger

  • 22nd August 2014 at 3:14 pm

    Very poor.

    I gave up on JDW a few years ago. They started well, then went downhill serving a dry unappetising burger.

    I agree that it is disappointing to have to complain about a burger. I would tweet them your comments.



  • 22nd August 2014 at 5:12 pm

    This is generally my burger of choice in JDW – although I have to say last time I had one they forgot the pot of salsa even though it was advertised on the menu. The plates are universal in Spoons, not just a Malvern thing. Previously they had plain white rectangular ones.

  • 22nd August 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Bit unfair really.Could have been soo many explanations for this mistake but you chose not to ask.Could of been sorted In minutes.

    • 22nd August 2014 at 7:08 pm

      My daughter had already ordered chicken nuggets which were unavailabe so like I said… Couldn't be bothered.

    • 22nd August 2014 at 8:49 pm

      If there was an explanation for the mistake (i.e. they didn't have the ingredients for the item) then it should have been provided when they took the money for the order or when the food was brought to the table. it should not be up to the customer to ask for a reason why the food they have paid for has not been provided.


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