McDonald’s Germany McRib and McMuffin Chicken and Bacon

Review of McDonald’s Germany McRib and McMuffin Chicken & Bacon


Price: Unknown on this occasion.

Calories: 470 kcal (McRib).

After Burger Lad® broke the sensational news of the two week testing of the McRib in Sheffield, England, our friend on Twitter, Jimbo gave us his review of the McRib. On his recent trip to Germany he sampled the McRib and two breakfast items – the McMuffin Chicken & Bacon and the McToast. It gives me great pleasure to hand over our latest contributor to your favourite burger review website…

I always used to hate having McDonald’s abroad. More than anything else it felt like a wasted journey eating things I could easily get at home. I insisted we went to Wimpy’s in the Costa Brava because it was different; I made a beeline for a döner kebap in Berlin because it was “properly German” (and because they’re unbelievably delicious, of course).

In time I changed my mind, once I realised that foreign McDonald’s restaurants have items on the menu that you don’t get at home. Amazing! Thus I revelled in the McKroket in the Netherlands, the Royal Cheese in France (yes, just a Quarter Pounder, but it’s French) and last year in Spain, the McRib.

McDonald's McMuffin Chicken and Bacon Review
McRib packaging in Germany…

Last week I went to Germany for a couple of days’ holiday, and as usual, food was second on the agenda (after beer). I scoffed a proper German döner kebap, I had a Currywurst, but I knew that I absolutely had to try a McRib if I saw it at any point. And so, on our last night, after a skinful of delicious German lager, we made a point of stopping at McD’s on the way home. Beeline for the menu to check if the delicious pork and BBQ sauce concoction was there… success!

The guy behind the till was pretty miserable, probably fed up of dealing with foreign drunkards like myself late at night most likely, but, trying to be friendly and in my best German, I asked for a McRib large meal. My companion chose the less interesting option of Big Mac (“But you can get that at home!” I hissed); with anticipation building, I opened the box and was met with exactly what the doctor ordered; an oblong-shaped bun with BBQ sauce oozing out of each side.

McDonald's McMuffin Chicken and Bacon Review
The McRib…

Getting a good mouthful (but not before emptying a sachet of delicious creamy mayonnaise onto my fries), I was thrilled to learn that it was exactly as I had hoped; crunchy pieces of onion and slices of gherkin, lashings of tangy sauce, and below it all a hot pork patty, slightly spiced. If anything, my only negative comment would be that it was too small. Like the Long Chicken/Long Beef burgers from Burger King, once you’ve got halfway through you get the horrible realisation that you’re almost finished, and that it just isn’t enough. Nevertheless, if these really are coming back to the UK as Burger Lad® suggests, I’m going to have a very hard time avoiding eating too many of them…

The following day we flew home, and to my pleasure and surprise I realised there was a McDonald’s directly opposite the doors to the airport terminal. We debated it (briefly, hardly, not really) but ultimately decided that we just couldn’t hold on until Edinburgh to eat, and so we rushed inside to see what was on offer. French McDonald’s don’t serve anything hot for breakfast, just a croissant, muffin and bag of fruit, but thankfully my trust in the meat-loving Germans wasn’t misplaced. They had the usual McMuffins and Big Breakfast, plus two items that immediately caught my eye; the McMuffin Chicken, and the McToast.

McDonald's McMuffin Chicken and Bacon Review
McMuffin Chicken & Bacon…

First off, I had an (easy) choice between a McMuffin Chicken and a McMuffin Chicken & Bacon. With barely any hesitation, I scoffed a McMuffin Chicken and Bacon. A variant of the usual bacon/sausage varieties found at home, it was composed of the usual egg fried in a Teflon round accompanied by delicious American cheese, alongside a chicken patty tasting much like the ones found in the Mayo Chicken/Chicken BLC/Sweet Chilli Chicken in the UK. Topping it off was some nicely crisped bacon, and a “special sauce” which tasted very similar to wholegrain mustard.

Overall, very tasty. I’d previously enjoyed the McMuffin Chicken on a trip to Slovenia (a muffin with the chicken patty, cheese, a slice of tomato and lettuce – essentially a Chicken BLC sans bacon) but I felt I owed it to my tastebuds as well as my sense of adventure to try this Chicken and Bacon variant. Plus – bacon! No breakfast sandwich has yet detracted from my total love of the Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin, but the McMuffin Chicken and Bacon was deliciously different.

McDonald's McMuffin Chicken and Bacon Review

Lastly on my odyssey of Germanic McDonald’s adventure, I tried a McToast with cheese and ham. I had expected something similar to the Croque McDo toasted sandwich in France; surprisingly however it was more like a folded flatbread with cheese and strips of ham in the middle. Tasty and cheap enough at €1, the McToast is recommended as an accompaniment to a larger breakfast or for those with small appetites (pah!). My only small nugget of disappointment with Germany’s McD’s breakfast was that they don’t sell hash browns.

So then, McDonald’s in Germany can be truly delicious. If the McRib is going to be on these shores soon, I can hardly wait. It certainly is a geschmacksvolltreffer!

Thanks again to Jimbo for sharing his 21st century burger adventures in Germany! If you would like to share your burger stories please get in touch!

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One thought on “McDonald’s Germany McRib and McMuffin Chicken and Bacon

  • 22nd June 2014 at 8:55 pm

    Thanks for the nice review!

    As a McRib lover, I am really happy, that it is a standard item at McDonalds here in Germany.

    Like two years ago, they hat a McRib special. It was possible to choose between three different sauces. It reminded me at my childhood where it was always possible to pic a sauce of your choise. There was a curry sauce witch was quite better than the BBQ one.

    Keep up with your good work, Philipp.


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