Gourmet Burger Kitchen Persian Lamb Burger

Review of Gourmet Burger Kitchen Persian Lamb Burger

Website: http://www.gbk.co.uk/

What they say:

6oz lamb, minted feta, harissa mayo, rocket, pickled onion, relish.

Price: £8.85.

Calories: Unknown.

Hot on the heels of our trip to Gourmet Burger Kitchen last week to check out The Taxidriver, our Principal Burger Critic decided he’d get in on the act and test drive the Persian Lamb Burger from GBK.

Ladies and Gentleman, Burger Lad® is proud to present our latest guest review…

The other day I had been cooking lamb in the oven. Hadn’t had lamb for a long time, but it reminded me there are precious few smells as wonderful as that of roasting lamb.

So the next day I decided I wanted a lamb sandwich. However, lamb seems to be unavailable in the cold meat section. Beef, pork, ham, chicken, turkey and something that looks vaguely like a teddy bear’s face. But no lamb.

So the next day I thought “burger it”. Lamb burger is the order of the day. But lamb burgers are also quite hard to come by outside the M25.

It was therefore time to visit an old friend. I hadn’t been to Gourmet Burger Kitchen since the Chiswick branch shortly before the death of Gottfried von Bismarck.

In the meantime, it slowly seems to have slipped into this frustrating affliction that requires everything to be abbreviated. It is now known as GBK, apparently.

This is a real issue. Abbreviating everything, misusing grammar and punctuation (including my pet-hate: apostrophes).

Is there anything wrong with using the English Language correctly? FFS.

Anyway, GBK, despite the “gourmet” in its full name, requires ordering a la fast food style at the desk. This is not ideal, as there’s a queue and only one person taking orders. Surely if you want to borrow elements from the fast food model, the “fast” would be the first one to look at.

Anyway, it’s my turn finally and I order my Persian Lamb burger. How would I like it cooked? Medium-well thank you. I like being asked that. It bodes well. I order extra Jalapeños and a side of rosemary skinny fries.

And I’m bloody starving by this point. It’s well after 1pm and I haven’t had anything to eat since a wedge of lime on one of the morning G&Ts.

As I wait, I get a bit irritated by the volume of the music, which seems to be the best of 90s britpop/indie whatever it’s called. The drugs don’t work? I beg to differ but it depends on your perspective.

They must have known I was coming. The Burger Lad® community isn’t fond of tomatoes, so there was a big plastic one on my table.

No tomato on my burger though. Minted feta, lamb, harissa mayo, rocket, pickled onion and relish. On paper a fantastic selection of ingredients.

I shiver as I wait. Honestly, I’m quite sure the air-conditioning has settings other than “Baltic Blast”. I may need to say something.

Stiff upper lip gets in the way, though, and I catch sight of some fries going to another table. My goodness they are skinny. Like shoelaces, but enticing.

My burger arrives. It’s held together with a spike, but looks incredibly neat and well put together.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Persian Lamb Burger
Tidy presentation at GBK…

Fries first… I don’t think I’ve ever seen fries this skinny. The rosemary comes through strongly and is excellent.

The bun is nicely toasted and when I open it, the contents are very generous, particularly the rocket which is a really good burger ingredient.

In fact, on first bite, it is the rocket that comes through strongest, with its nutty taste. The lingering sensation is the Jalapeños and the meat it undoubtedly lamb.

The whole thing is nicely sloppy, plenty of sauce soaking the bun – just as it should be.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Persian Lamb Burger
GBK Persian Lamb Burger…

The feta makes its presence known too, an intriguing alternative to the usual burger cheeses – I like it. I like it very much actually.

It may well be a symptom of the extreme skinniness but the fries cool down very quickly. That’s a real shame because they are very tasty. But they lose something once cold.

So, overall. Bun good, lightly toasted. Rocket very generous and had that perfect nutty hit. Feta a lovely addition. Lamb – star of the show, with that distinct stickiness that other meats don’t have. Fries great but cooled too quickly.

I didn’t get the mint much, or the harissa, but I concede that’s probably my fault for adding Jalapeños.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Persian Lamb Burger
Our PBC’s trademark “action shot”…

This is a great burger among a menu of great burgers. I’ll be back and won’t leave it 7 years next time.

Verdict: Slam in the Lamb.

Thanks again to our PBC for this cracking evaluation of the Persian Lamb from GBK, we all look forward to your next review.

Burger Lad®


One thought on “Gourmet Burger Kitchen Persian Lamb Burger

  • 11th May 2014 at 6:56 am

    Good review PBC. I like GBK although I do find it can get relatively expensive when having my favourite the "Mighty", fries and a drink at c£17/18.

    BL, time for a star rating at the bottom of these reviews? Let the Burger Eating Population show their appreciation?



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