Shooters Sports Bar – The Show Stopper Burger

Review of The Show Stopper Burger from Shooters Sports Bar, Cheltenham


What they say:

This is a real mouthful! A beef burger stacked with grated mature Cheddar cheese, rindless back bacon, BBQ sauce, battered onion rings, mixed leaves, tomatoes, red onion, mayonnaise & side of your choice.

Price: £6.95 including side.

Shooters Sports Bar can be found on the High Street in Cheltenham and is a split-level sports bar offering big screen and projector football, pool tables, table football and my personal favourite – a gourmet burger menu.

The menu has a large selection of great sounding burgers and hot dogs including the ‘Spicy Mexican Burger’ – described as a succulent beef burger with Cajun seasoning, peppered rocket, jalapeños, tomato salsa, Cajun mayonnaise & side of your choice. At £5.95 you can see why this is a popular location for students, and beer & football loving sorts.

Four of the bWo arrived at the bar, settled into booth seating (always a plus) and after a few rounds of drinks decided it was time to choose something off the menu. With a name like ‘The Show Stopper’ (and with bacon, onion rings and cheese) I thought to myself……..“yes please”. Now I will be honest, I didn’t really expect much more than a burger van standard meal but after a relatively short wait my hopes were raised.

Shooters Sports Bar Show Stopper Burger Review
Shooters Show Stopper…

The first thing I noticed about this basket of brilliance were the fries. I’m a big fan of black pepper and these were liberally sprinkled with the stuff. The flavour was spot on, they were crispy and a perfect sized portion to accompany the self-proclaimed Show Stopper.

Onto the burger…..This came in the classic sesame seed bun and had a generous topping of two slices of bacon and two onion rings. The addition of BBQ sauce makes this a classic performance and the bun coped well keeping all of the ‘actors’ on the stage. I do believe they missed off the cheese though. Oh well.

Shooters Sports Bar Show Stopper Burger Review
Inside the Show Stopper Burger…

As you can see from the pictures the Show Stopper was built with salad at the base – the fresh red onion cut nicely through the sweetness with its sharp tang. I’d asked for the mayo to be left off in this instance as I didn’t see it marrying well with the BBQ sauce.

The burger itself was actually surprising as it had a good, meaty flavour which didn’t disappoint. You worry that with all the other ingredients added it is a ruse to hide the quality of the main event but this wasn’t the case. I wouldn’t quite go as far to say this is a Show Stopper of a burger but it certainly was enjoyable and good value.

I liked the 70’s flashback of serving the meal in a basket and the ‘Shooters’ branded wax paper was an amusing touch – I think I’ll look into some alternatives in the future, available to order soon!

My fellow burger buddies went with the following:

Shooters Sports Bar Show Stopper Burger Review
Bacon & BBQ Burger…
Shooters Sports Bar Show Stopper Burger Review
BBQ Chicken Melt Burger…

Apologies to David Attenburger – we don’t seem to have a picture of yours and due to “one or two” pints can’t actually remember what you had.

What we have learnt tonight is that you can’t park in Beechwood after 6:30pm and he now knows how to hold his phone properly for the video which is available here…

Shooters Sports Bar in Cheltenham might not be ‘gourmet’ but it’s certainly a lot of fun with some pretty good burgers! If you fancy a few drinks, some football and a good priced burger then you won’t go wrong popping into Shooters (not to be confused with Hooters!).

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